Sunday, December 24, 2006

Deep mix

A tribute to Dave Mothersole whose wonderful Late Night Sessions on Kiss 100 ended this year. I thought this picture would be appropriate both because of my alias and because Dave's love of house and techno began in India. You can read about it at his myspace

And here's the link to the site i got the picture from which has some exceptional images.

On with the tracklisting

1. Plunder ALEX SMOKE
3. 55 Cancri ELEGY (alias KIRK DEGIORGIO
4. Space Rider BASIC BASTARD
8. Aint Nothing Like This Feeling (Version Mix) SLOPE / CHARLES WEBSTER
9. Je Suis Ta Drogue (Epic Club Mix) GRANT NELSON

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Downloads of the week # 2

Found more zip blogs recently (as always).
There's a lot of good alternative rock here - My Bloody Valentine, Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo.

  • Musikalia

  • My pick of the bunch is Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed. I've only given it a quick listen but it sounds more on the Velvets tip than most Lou stuff. Think of the comedown stuff like Pale Blue Eyes rather than the pulsing thrashy stuff like Sister Ray. 3rd entry on this page...

  • Lou

  • And here's a blog from Russia (?) which covers many bases of black music. Pick up stone cold classics by Shuggie Otis and Fela Kuti as well as stuff from today's innovators such as Madlib.

  • Black Man Land

  • Amongst the mainstream stuff there's a few nuggets most notably The Roots' fairly obscure debut Organix. My favourite hip hop album is hands down Things Fall Apart which has all the slickness and drama of top level gangsta rap but with a black consciousness flow. Organix is jazzier, inevitably less well produced but a great listen. Its worth the download for the track The Session, a 12 minute jam featuring a pretty far out (for hip-hop) jazz-horns loop. Its the 11th entry down on this page.

  • Roots
  • Friday, December 15, 2006

    R.I.P. Anita

    Heard the sad bews yesterday reading the Straight No Chaser blog (not the London magazine, an old American jazz head)

    A great singer, not one for stuffy purists but full of personality. One of the first jazz artists I got into, actually - Apollo 440's Krupa inspired me to pick up a budget Krupa comp which lead me onto Anita.

    She's more celebrated for her 50s recordings than her big band efforts. Versions of Early Autumn and My Funny Valentine stand out for me from this period.

    And there's a beautiful and largely unknown track from the Krupa days called That's What You Think.

    Sample her breathless style and some naughty (for the 40s) leg-flashing shenanigans here

    Downloads Of The Week # 1

    New feature! I've been thinking about doing this for a while so I have a nice selection for you this week. I don't know why but I'm having no joy with the links in the posts so you will need to cut n paste, children.
    First, a podcast of quality drum n bass here. Grimeheads wont be satisfied but it joins the dots between old school, soulful and broken beat very nicely.

    Joe Henderson's Canyon Lady deserves another mention. The track Las Palmas is a favourite from the tapehead days. Driving Latin rhythms and discordant sax - but it really works!

    When Herbert was good (don't know what's happened recently... Scale sounded like vaudeville show tunes) he put out a remix of Karin Krog. This is pretty much all I heard about her til I stumbled across her album Joy here. The first track Mr Joy has that early Cinematic Orchestra sound, with the twanging of the double bass dominant.

    Loronix is posting a superhuman amount of Brasilian gems. The enormous selection is also by and large still downloadable. Here's two which stand out for me.

    And get your laughing gear round this. Classic comedy vinyl from Derek And Clive. Michael 'Kramer' Richards take note - these guys are offensive but also funny, you Seinfeld-ruining loon! Go to the bottom of this page - PLO archives in months.

    Thanks to all the sharity bloggers, mp3 bloggers and podcasters out there. There's tonnes of great stuff out there right now, including lots of stuff I've downloaded and haven't listened to yet!

    The image is some graffitti in Brasil.

    Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    Poetry, Lyrics & The Black Stuff

    Check out my friend Han's poetry. Its rather good. Manages to be emotionally raw and genuinely surreal at the same time.

    He linked to my Waters Of March lyrics post so I thought I'd post some more.

    This track I heard on rocking Radio 2 a long while ago. I taped it as I did almost everything at this stage. Perhaps prompted by the death of the lyricist, the Austrailian TV presenter and raconteur Clive James, I see its been reissued on CD.

    More info here:

    Touch Has A Memory

    Touch has a memory
    Better than the other senses
    Hearing and sight fight free
    Touching has no defences
    Textures come back to you real as can be
    Touch has a memory

    Fine eyes are wide at night
    Eyelashes show that nicely
    Seeing forgets the sight
    Touch recollects precisely
    Eyelids are modest yet blink at a kiss
    Touching takes note of this

    When in a later day
    Little of the vision lingers
    Memory slips away
    Every way but through the fingers
    Textures come back to you real as can be
    Making you feel time doesn't heal
    And touch has a memory

    And this from Leonard Cohen. It gives me chills every time I hear it. This is one song I am sure will always be a part of my life.

    Famous Blue Raincoat

    Its four in the morning, the end of december
    Im writing you now just to see if youre better
    New york is cold, but I like where Im living
    Theres music on clinton street all through the evening.

    I hear that youre building your little house deep in the desert
    Youre living for nothing now, I hope youre keeping some kind of record.

    Yes, and jane came by with a lock of your hair
    She said that you gave it to her
    That night that you planned to go clear
    Did you ever go clear?

    Ah, the last time we saw you you looked so much older
    Your famous blue raincoat was torn at the shoulder
    Youd been to the station to meet every train
    And you came home without lili marlene

    And you treated my woman to a flake of your life
    And when she came back she was nobodys wife.

    Well I see you there with the rose in your teeth
    One more thin gypsy thief
    Well I see janes awake --

    She sends her regards.
    And what can I tell you my brother, my killer
    What can I possibly say?
    I guess that I miss you, I guess I forgive you
    Im glad you stood in my way.

    If you ever come by here, for jane or for me
    Your enemy is sleeping, and his woman is free.

    Yes, and thanks, for the trouble you took from her eyes
    I thought it was there for good so I never tried.

    And jane came by with a lock of your hair
    She said that you gave it to her
    That night that you planned to go clear

    By the way the party's over... Watch the excellent TV version of Rob Newman's excellent stand-up show. Be both disturbed and entertained. I found out lots of things I would never have known about the West's crusade for oil, the media representation of it and the American economy if it hadn't been presented in easily digestable chunks by Newman. A favourite for some time, Newman uses his skill for the long, convoluted build-up to a punchline for socially conscious monologues.

    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    5am in London

    Completed this mix night before last, appropriately enough around 5am (couldn't sleep due to heartburn). Its been gestating for many months, perhaps prompted by the recent grey, windy tiempo round here. So this be the nostalgian. The spliff when it still represented freedom and not imprisonment to me. A tribute to those big days of youth when loneliness was a thrill.

    1. Michael Knight FRIDGE
    2. Mi Par d'Udir Ancora (Bizet) ENRICO CARUSO
    3. Buckie High BOARDS OF CANADA
    4. Syntax GIMMIK
    5. Sister Morphine ROLLING STONES
    6. Blues De L'Antenne BARNEY WILEN
    8. Don't Panic COLDPLAY
    9. Mondschein Sonate (Beethoven) MARIA JOAO PIRES
    10. Pale Blue Eyes VELVET UNDERGROUND
    11. Windwind AUTECHRE
    12. Like It Is YUSEF LATEEF
    13. Try BUGGE & SIDSEL

    And here's a jazz mix I did as a promo hoping to get a gig at a jazz club here called Matisse. I'm sending both these mixes to a geezer called Fred as part of a sort of Secret Santa over at Brownswood.

    1. Casa Forte ELIS REGINA
    2. Feminina JOYCE
    3. Las Palmas JOE HENDERSON
    5. Flying Machine WAR
    6. Money (Thats What I Want) FREDDIE ROACH
    7. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown AUGUSTUS PABLO
    8. Mr Joy KARIN KROG
    9. Sylvia ARTHUR VEROCAI
    11. Bongo Chant HAROLD VICK
    12. Sambongo JOAO DONATO
    13. Paint It Black GABOR SZABO
    14. Jamie DONALD BYRD
    15. Bunny ART PEPPER

    By the way, I've finally worked out how to do a Links section. It will be expanded in the coming weeks...

    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    3 more great zip blogs

    I found this image on Quite Nice Pictures which I now can't find again but it is not far from one of the blogs posted here. One day I will get some jpegs of my own art up here.
    I've recently found 3 zip blogs all set up in the last 2 months and all offering seriously good shit.


    get hold of this

    and get a real goooood hold of this


    Some tight stuff here


    and also make a point of checking

    where you can get yo'self

    amongst other goodies.

    Sup up, lads!

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Chin stroking

    Latest favourite zip blog. Really on a par with Orgy, though less diverse. All Brasilian. Some of the sound quality ain't great but there's some great stuff. You can search any blog in the top left hand corner of the screen and as a big fan of Gal Costa, Nara Leao and Jorge Ben I'd recommend starting there. Instrumentally, Quarteto Novo and Tenorio Jr. Also Som Tres. But its literally all good.

    This is also worth a hook belonging to a carnicero.

    Moistworks usually kills it. Grab their Altman tribute - 6 versions of the MASH theme, including the original.

    And on a reading tip - here's a couple of old muckers whose chins must be red raw.

    Completely unrelated image by Banksy.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    RIP Robert Altman

    There's always bandwagon-jumping but Altman is, now was, my favourite director. His death is hugely sad news. He was always worth watching.
    Few if any directors have such respect for their actors. In the way he could get an ensemble to breathe life into a scenario he was without equal.
    This is the day many cinema lovers were hoping would not come for a long long time yet.

    So many great films but McCabe & Mrs Miller is without doubt one of my fave films of all time. There's many I haven't seen but The Long Goodbye, MASH, Nasville, California Split and Thieves Like Us are all superb.

    I thought The Company was underrated. At times, you had that same 'window into another world' feeling you get with his 70's classics. The scene with the performance in the rain was a beautiful cinematic moment. It was also a great role for Malcom McDowell.

    The Gingerbread Man was also well above Hollywood average. The storm scenes at the end I thought were beautifully realised. (maybe the weather in late Altman is a film student thesis waiting to be written)

    The Player and Short Cuts are absolutely great films but a little slick and cynical for me, to be honest. I'm glad he got back to his 70s form with the excellent Gosford Park before he went.

    Respect, Bob! R.I.P.

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    I am anonymous
    I can produce things
    which make my friends say
    'Hey, that's pretty good' -
    Which impress them, in short.

    But I lack the organisational skills
    The cutthroat mentality
    I lack the agressive prolificity
    of Gallo and Bukowski
    (and, accordingly, my libido
    which might be larger than theirs
    is less satiated)

    I can never start anything
    Because parts of me are invested elsewhere
    I can never finish anything

    I have an audience
    Of sorts
    On the Internet now
    An audience to my musings
    To my findings

    All these mp3s
    I am finding not creating
    I am a traffic policeman

    Anonymity is not an issue

    Image : Lost Jockey by Magritte

    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Earl Grey & Turron Jijona


    2. O Telefone Tocou Novamente SOM TRES
    3. Mato Grosso I MARC 4
    4. Love Story vs Finally (Bushwackas Final Bootleg) LAYO & BUSHWACKA!
    5. American Dream JAKATTA
    6. Secret Life MATERIAL
    8. Vim de Sant'Ana QUARTETO NOVO
    9. Blue Monday NOUVELLE VAGUE
    10. King Of Sorrow SADE
    11. One Night Samba TIM 'LOVE' LEE
    13. Castenada Drive - THE CABILDO'S THREE
    15. Cacará NERA LEAO
    16. Nao Faz Assim MILTON BANANA
    17. Canto De Ossanha QUARTETO EM CY
    18. Nebulosa TENORIO JR

    Meandering Thoughts On Coltrane's 'Om' And A Confession Of Insanity

    Had a big music listening day on Friday. Day off (except one class first thing) , girl away at Uni. Rubbing my hands with glee I was.
    I started the day with Coltrane's Om which I got here
    I think its a great set. Deep, spiritual. Not as hard, say, as 'Reverend King' off Cosmic Music which makes me feel nauseous, angry expression as it is of the civil rights leader's assassination.
    Om to me is not a million miles from the peaceful vibes of A Love Supreme. Of course there's nothing as luxurious as, say, Trane's first phrase from Part II: Resolution and there's no uncanny unity between the players, but Coltrane's playing here and the piece as a whole is, for me, not unpleasant to listen to.
    Some avante-garde I just can't cope with. For instance Albert Ayler's Spiritual Unity - a seminal album. I've never been able to get to grips with the technical side of music and jazz (nor, in truth, have I ever wanted to lest it impede my enjoyment) but it seems there's something musically very clever happening on Spiritual Unity - it's just I don't want to hear it.
    Spiritual Unity and the track 'Reverend King' are both sparsely arranged. So perhaps, unlike classical music or straight ahead jazz, I like my avante-garde jazz crowded. Full of sound, cluttered with ideas and life and activity.
    Four Tet - the creatively fertile producer Kieran Hebden - is influenced by Ayler and you can see the influence of avante-garde jazz on his live recordings and some of the longer tracks. I'm thinking as well of the track Misnomer, kind of straight- ahead downbeat but with the sound of an Ayler-a-like wailing away in the background. Of course he recently collaborated with Steve Reid, though I haven't really gotten into it. Again, its a bit heavy, and, unusually for Hebden, kind of sparse.
    I think clutterdness is the key to my enjoyment of avante-garde jazz. The 'wall of sound' element, present in 'Love Supreme' in melodic, rhythmic mode is also there in 'Om' but less melodically or rhythmically. Other examples I've enjoyed are Ornette Coleman's 'Free Jazz' and Muhal Richard Abrams' 'Levels And Degrees Of Light'

    ...I've been meditating on Coltrane and his exceptional talent, the physical power and mental depth of his playing.
    After rinsing Love Supreme a few years ago (though it can never be completely rinsed), I needed another JC album to get into. I tried Giant Steps and Coltrane ('57) - good, but the vibe wasn't there. I've recently discovered 'New Thing At Newport' ,incidentally, which was obviously what I was looking for then, and features the same quartet - Coltrane, Tyner, Garrison and Jones.
    These days though my favourite saxophonist is Art Pepper. Its such a different experience listening to him. I wouldn't for a moment suggest Art is better, but there's more warmth in his playing. He's thinking of drugs, girls and old buddies instead of the cosmos. More on Art another day, though.
    So, looking to read more about Om and Trane, I came across this on AAJ
    Its interesting to read this. Listening to Coltrane on Om is like listening to someone trying to break out of their skin, out of their skeleton. The quest for transcendence is not approached with calm but with frustration. Its similar to hearing Syd Barrett's vocals on early Floyd. 'Hee hee, you can't see me but I...' Our sensation with both men is 'something's going to crack' 'they're pushing themselves too far' etc.
    This article explains to me where Coltrane was mentally. Caught up in an insane unity of three or four ideas incompatible in a saner mind - the Big Bang theory, pantheism, Christianity and the Trinity and the direct relation of man's consciousness to all this. As a former heavy drug user and deep thinker I can tell you where this kind of thinking might lead you - solipsism. As reality. If all is one and I am conscious, I am The One. But for something to exist does not there need to be two? In my recurring panic attack, the Other comes for me containing, variously, the black, the female, Space and the Devil. It is never an enjoyable experience.
    Not mentioned in the article, but his use of drugs including acid and heroin would've facilitated the lost touch with reality which such concepts need to become reality for a conscious mind as they did for John.
    The altered mind states brought on by drugs - heavy and otherwise - can make for entertaining music and other art. Witness Coltrane and the Velvet Underground are better than Ronan Keating.
    However what of classical? I postulate that when Bizet wrote The Pearl Fishers. Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, Mendelsshon the Violin Concierto In E (as played by Heifetz) they were all 'high' as in, connected with the fragility of individual life, the pain and joy of consciousness and the epic of the life of the universe. Or it may have been opium, too. I mean, man, those boys were sailing.

    Tuesday, October 31, 2006

    Fantasy blog stock market

    Turned this up when googling my alias. Less links listed than there should be, cos, as you may have noticed, my links now require you to cut n paste instead of click. I don't know why this is.

    YouTube bits

    As recommended by Sky Larks some months ago, George Galloway laying into the wetness of the media over their absurdly biased news coverage. Top man, GG. Keeps his head, makes his point.

    Nick sent me this link last night. Am I the only one who hasn't seen it? It is funny. The world's next superpower. A Communist nation of billions. This is what a sexless, repressed media throws up as an example of the human spirit. Great times ahead.

    Finally. Came up on Brownswood. Amazing footage of David Rodigan, who I used to listen to on Kiss. This guy is just incredible. Looks like your maths teacher, acts like an irie yout dem.

    More YouTube choice cuts? In the comments, friends. Jah bless.

    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    Contents of my mp3 player

    Since my Madrid trip (which I haven't written about here to affect a laissez faire attitude to my blogging) I've had the same 4GB on my Zen Micro, leading me to develop penchants for tracks like Quantick's cover of Red Astaire's Follow Me, the title track of Free For All by Art Blakey (cymbal tap ti tap tap mentalness) and the first track off Richard TAPE Carnage's After Hours mix, Chasing Rainbow by Sleeper Thief. There's another outstanding track on there, but I'm not sure if its 4 or 5 from the end... Marcus Worgull or Minilogue. Anyway. Haven't been on Emule recently cos I've been using Azureus to get GP shows. I also got Dave Mothersole's last show on Kiss. Sad news for me. It was a big show for me. He's now doing Ministry radio, which is OK cos hopefully I'm on the verge of working out how to record streaming. Then it really will be time to take over the world.

    mp3 pressure...
    All Day Music WAR
    Aystelum ED MOTTA
    Bombay The Hard Way SHADOW & AUTOMATOR
    Bremen Radio 71 KRAFTWERK
    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome KID KOALA
    Cellar Door Disc 3 MILES (only first 2 tracks cos it was the last upload)
    Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table NURSE WITH WOUND
    Chiastic Slide AUTECHRE
    Dialogue FOUR TET
    Elektrik Soul Symphonie ECHOBOY
    Ennio Morricone Remixes VARIOUS
    Heavy Weather WEATHER REPORT
    Hotel Morgen TO ROCOCO ROT
    If I Could Only Remember My Name DAVID CROSBY
    Jazz In Paris Remixed VARIOUS
    Bohemia After Dark EDDIE LOUISS
    Paris Blues LUCKY THOMPSON
    Jazz Juice Vols 1 & 2 GILLES
    King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
    Love Songs Of The Hanging Gardens KELLEY POLLAR
    Mama's Gun ERYKAH BADU
    Mosaic ART BLAKEY
    No Other GENE CLARK
    O Canto Livre De Nara NARA LEAO
    Paris 1960 CLARK TERRY
    Peel Session 2003 GORKY'S
    Research Of Sound PUCCIO ROELENS
    Retreated TRUBY TRIO / VARIOUS
    Ronnie Scotts 1980 MILCHO LEVIEV & ART PEPPER

    Sessions... Mad On Jazz 88 GILLES
    Breezeblock 98 LIAM HOWLETT
    Bbc 6 Mix ROSS ALLEN
    2005 mIX 1 DFA
    Final Late Night Session DAVE MOTHERSOLE
    09.04.06 DIXON
    Spirit Of Bedrock 1 MATTHEW LIPPIATTE
    Black Affair Mix STEVE MASON
    mix 2 AME PROFONDE
    Fabric 29 RUB N TUG

    The Composer Plays ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM
    The Cure (2004) THE CURE
    Transversal Do Tempo ELIS REGINA
    Violoes VARIOUS
    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot WILCO

    Image from Max Fleischer's Snow White, starring Betty Boop, Bimbo and Koko.

    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    Tracklisting & Links

    Here's the tracklisting for Autumn Rhythm
    1. Fever (Instrumental) ESSENCE
    2. Sambinha TENORIO JR
    3. Light My Fire RHETTA HUGHES
    4. I Close My Eyes SHIVAREE
    5. Witchi Tai To HARPERS BIZARRE
    6. Futures ZERO 7 / RUB N TUG
    8. Sarava BADEN POWELL
    9. Cims I Absimes PEP IAGUARDA & TAPINERIA
    10. Didn’t Cha Know ERYKAH BADU
    11. The Light Of Jesus FILA BRASILIA
    12. Lost Life ART PEPPER
    13. These Days NECTARINE No.9
    14. Samba Da Legalidade NARA LEAO
    15. Barato Modesto GAL COSTA
    16. Black Forest Blues PEDRO ITURRALDE QUARTET
    17. The Collector THE GENERAL & THE DUCHESS
    I'm proud of this one. Excellent mellow vibe. Finishes with something from an ex-Beta Band myspace. No less than four tracks from Burnt Brown Sounds & friends. Only one (Tenorio Jr) from Orgy In Rhythm. I have tonnes from there on the desktop but its all mostly unlistened to so far.

    Here's a couple of links leading from Orgy. It all gets quite Masonic at some point and the music extends to Charles Manson, but these links are Ok.
    Camp lounge
    Random. Commercial shit but also some good albums.
    Brasilian. Actually from Brasil so it has more than the usual names. This link leads to a download of the legendary Banda Black Rio.
    another Brasil one.
    another camp one. this guy's 45 as well which makes him a bit scary. tonnes of links.
    french lounge. i found this just before orgy.
    i got a mix from steve mason (beta band) here
    and finally my man Pilgurn sent me this link for all your drum & bass needs

    and a post I made on Brownswood, guiding hands to some excellent sets on the ParisDJs site.....

    I found this site awhile ago and many of you probably know it but some of these mixes have been in heavy rotation on my mp3 player so I needed to big it up at Brownswood.

    Recommended : music & words on black consciousness. Features the beautiful track Masequa Myers & Jami Ayinde - Black Land Of The Nile

    bootleg nuggets. second track is Quantick's soulful take on Red Astaire's 'Follow Me'

    DJ Oof's mixes. Psychedelia from Matching Mole to Broadcast via Amon Tobin remixing VU. Full respect!

    Autumn Rhythm

    There's a fine soulful wind tonight which reminds me of a youth I spent in London hoarsely blowing great suspended spirals of toxic smoke over the black skin of the Thames as I sat, questioning.
    Made a compilation tonight, from a folder on the desktop, but I have that clammy feeling in my trousers which means I'll feel wrong typing out the tracklist.
    'Mountains move aside for me...'
    Image by Bality.

    Monday, October 16, 2006


    I was ready to go to bed, I promise, and then I found this site.

    If you don't know what this means, I can't explain it.

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    Psychedelic virus

    Hey. Been a downloading day today. My girlfriend's been sick, so I've been downloading everything from here

    This guy's a buddy of Burnt Brown Sounds so everything I've been listening to today has been on the same wasted early 70s California tip which goes just right with a rare grey day here in Spain and my massive sideburns which I'm going to cut tonight, taking me back to Squaresville.
    I've also been dipping into the links here to the new projects from the members of The Beta Band.

    Its nice to know that exceptionally creative and innovative band have not so much dissolved as mulltiplied like some psychedelic virus. My favourite track of there's is undoubtedly Monolith and in general I prefer The Three EP's before Steve Mason's lead vocals became uniformly prominent in the mix. There's nothing as expensive-sounding as Monolith here, its all necessarily a bit more lo-fi, but on all three projects the old magic is present.
    Image from someone called Sagues. Downloaded it a while back. Seems appropriate.


    Just saw this film. Seen a few teen / coming of age things recently - Almost Famous, Brick, Igby Goes Down. All good, but this is better. Air's Sexy Boy is probably my favourite music video, so I wanted to see this on the visual level anyway as its from the same director - Mike Mills.
    But its a fine film, and good philosophical nuggets from Keanu Reeves in a role he was born to play. Lifted from Imdb...

    That's 'cause we all wanna be problemless. To fix ourselves. We look for some magic solution to make us all better, but none of us really know what we're doing. And why is that so bad? That's all we humans can do. Guess. Try. Hope. But, Justin, just pray you don't fool yourself into thinking you've got the answer. Because that's bullshit. The trick is living without an answer. I think.

    I read Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel earlier in the year. A fine read, so I thought I'd check if they made a film of it. They did, with Christina Ricci in the lead, though it seems it wasn't much cop. Shame they couldn't get a Mike Mills or a Sofia Coppolla on board for that one.

    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    MostlyBrasil mix

    Been gathering bits for this mix for a while, the latest attempt at compiling a CD for the car we can BOTH enjoy. A few rather random bits, I suppose, but I like to break up the sounds a bit. Have tonnes more Brasilian nuggets to plunder for future volumes.

    1. Notas GOTAN PROJECT
    2. Ernie FAT FREDDY'S DROP
    3. Sour Times PORTISHEAD
    4. Carnavalia TRIBALISTAS
    6. Feel Flows THE BEACH BOYS
    7. Almost Cut My Hair DAVID CROSBY
    8. A Minha Menina OS MUTANTES
    9. Carolina Carol Bela DJ MARKY
    10. Malizie Di Venere GIAN PIERO REVERBERI
    11. Conversacao De Paz SERGIO RICARDO
    12. Agua De Beber ASTRUD GILBERTO
    13. Universo Ao Meu Redor MARISA MONTE
    14. Carolina Carol Bela TOQUINHO & JORGE BEN
    15. Round About Midnight CHET BAKER / GOTAN PROJECT
    16. Swinga Sambaby TRIO MOCOTO
    17. Canto De Ossanha BADEN POWELL
    18. Mas Que Nada TAMBA TRIO

    Finally learned how to put pictures up on my blog. Should make for a considerably more interesting read.

    This lovely image is taken from a new favourite site, Waxidermy.

    One of the contributers to this excellent site has his own excellent blog where you can almost miraculously download zip files of unreasonably rare library music such as the superb Research Of Sound by Puccio Roelens.

    Speaking of zips, get hold of a His Name Is Alive remix album aqui. Includes Four Tet and Minatour Shock.

    Incidentally these sites were found through the links section of Gorilla Vs. Bear

    Happy clickin'

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Most beautiful lyrics ever

    I have to transcribe these lyrics giving me chills this morning. From 'Aguas De Marco' by Getz /Gilberto / Jobim. I was just thinking the other day that I don't listen to much hip hop or contemporary rock because the lyrics are too strong. Well these lyrics are sublime, translated from the Portugese, but not suffering from it and delivered with awesome class and poise by Gilberto.

    A stick, a stone,
    its the end of the road
    its the rest of us done
    its a little unknown
    its a sliver of class
    it is life, its the sun
    it is night, it is death
    its a trap, its a gun
    the oak when it flows
    a fox in the brush
    the knot in the wood
    the sound of the thrush
    the wood of the wind
    a cleaf of thorn
    a scratch, a lump
    it is nothing at all
    its the wind blowing free
    its the end of the slope
    its a beam, its a point,
    its a hunch, its a hope
    and the riverbank talks
    of the waters of March
    its the end of the strain
    its the joy in our heart
    the foot, the ground
    the flash on the bow
    the beat of the road
    a slingshot stone
    a fish, a flash,
    a silvery glow
    the fight, a bet,
    the range of the bow
    the bed of the whale
    the end of the line,
    the dismay in the face
    its a loss, its a find
    a spear, a spike
    a point, a nail,
    a drip, a drop,
    the end of the deal
    a truckload of bricks
    in the soft morning light
    the shot of a gun
    in the dead of the night
    a mile, a must,
    a trust, a bump,
    its a girl, its a rhyme,
    its a goat, its the mumps
    the plan of the hounds
    the body in bed
    and the car that got stuck
    its the mud, its the mutt
    afloat, adrift,
    aflight, a wink,
    a hulk, a quail,
    and the promise of spring
    and the riverbank talks
    of the waters of March
    its the promise of life
    its the joy in our hearts.

    Couple of things I'm not sure about here (truckload of bricks??!!) If anyone has a better transcription, please let me know.

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Brasilian wax

    I love my Brasilians. No, really. And I'm getting more into them daily. I highly recommend anyone who'd like a comprehensive intro to that nation's music gets over to the Brownswood forum and downloads this 140 min nugget selection.

    Gal Costa, Marisa Monte, Jorge Ben, Baden Powell, Astrud Gilberto, MPB-4, Tamba Trio, Sergio Mendes, Quarteto Em Cy, Os Originales De Samba to name a few, but there are tonnes more waiting to be discovered.
    But I'm irked by the new version of 'Mas Que Nada' by the Black Eyed Peas. Hideous McMusic by this generation's Black Lace. Wrong, just wrong.

    Info on the scene here...

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    Woodenelephant's Current Top Ten Albums

    10. Almost Famous VARIOUS
    8. Jazz Et Jazz ANDRE HODEIR
    7. Complete Pacific Jazz Small Group Sessions ART PEPPER
    6. No Other GENE CLARK
    5. Gal GAL COSTA
    4. Mendelsshon Concertos In E JASCHA HEIFETZ
    3. Free For All ART BLAKEY
    2. Fuzion PESHAY
    1. Cellar Door Sessions MILES DAVIS

    Monday, October 09, 2006


    Was over in London and found out about this new internet phenomenon for dem yout' dem. The site that this Gonzo-esque (part fact / part fiction) character appears on also includes some cartoons which are above average. I liked the one about the Gulch. These guys can only be 7 or so years younger than me but I feel worlds away from them. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Watch the shitrain start

    Just sent the blog address to my whole address book. Hmmm.


    I don't know how to get a Links column.
    So I'm gonna do a Links post (cos I'm in the mood like Glen Miller)

    First of all, I'm becoming a regular poster here and anyone who's stumbled onto the site after locating a name like Gilles or Blakey would do well drop in here too. Many of the guys here post their own mixes (being more technologically advanced than myself) I'm listening to an acheingly gorgeous Brasilian mix by Brownswood mainman Amblito as I type.

    Brownswood forum

    Of course Gilles is the hero of the heads and you can hear it streamed here (normally i don't bother with streams but, you know, its Gilles) . Great great Jazzanova mixtape and Gilles is finally getting on the deep / tech house tip, it seems...

    Gilles show

    On a rock / folk tip this mp3 blog, which I have mentioned before (and bigged up on Brownswood) is always stuffed full of goodness. The blogger is a member of a group called Speck Mountain. Awesome David Crosby track available here.

    Burnt Brown Sounds

    This, The Hype Machine, is a great resource. Its a search engine for mp3 blogs which I use mainly for tracking down Rub N Tug releases. I figure one day the suits'll close this down but like the day of peak fossil fuel usage a-comin', its better not to think about it, innit?

    The Hype Machine

    You can get yourself some fine mixes here from the likes of Ben Watt and half of Rub N Tug.

    WPS1 DJ Sessions

    John Peel's memory being kept alive here. You can download nuff shows by the most modest of musical visionaries. Its here I read about a new comp of Peel faves, charmingly called 'Right Time Wrong Speed' There's a tasty looking Links section here which I've not yet had time to delve into.

    Quality but not quantity here from Heavy Usker, remixer of Cesar Mariano, cratedigger, new dad and top bloke

    Seriously obsessive blogging-about-everything here. Links to many of my selections.

    Diverse mp3 blog

    If you're into underground house there's no shortage of free mixes about. A lot of them aren't too good though. Back in Blighty I could always depend on 'Graveyard' Dave Mothersole but I've not been able to locate a podcast or mix by him.
    This link page is massive though and leads to interesting places.

    Dependable podcasts here, quite web-renowned, I've noticed.

    But this is perhaps the king of mp3 blogs webwide. Typically - old soul, classic hip hop, Americana ...

    Similarly diverse and half-in-Spanish. Billions of links.

    One of the Paris DJs crew (big podcasters). I ran into his site today.

    The Paris DJs crew. I recommend the Mind Radio show #1 part 1 for starters.

    Another mp3 blog I found today. Dylan tracks here (but I can't be bothered)

    More deep house. Mostly amateurs. But I found one nice mix here.

    A not overstocked blog which seems to be promoting rather than bootlegging, I reckon.

    Reliable mixes here of almost-house music. Box fresh. No dust.

    Neil Young bootlegs and other rockery here.

    Looks like some good mixes here. Haven't checked it yet.

    Download obscure 30's dance bands here. Must've linked to it from a Peel site. Different.

    Hugely dependable site for podcasts of spiritual black rhythms past & present

    Similarly, with jazz emphasis.

    Finally, there should be plenty of bits here (for a limited time) from the newly deceased Output Records.

    Wow! That took a long time!

    Sunday, October 08, 2006


    Painted today. Me and my chica.
    Background music was Art Blakey's Free For All, then Pink Floyd's Dark Side (first time I've properly heard it). Had to turn off Swayzak's Loops From The Bergerie cos the dog was getting scared from the unnecessary fireworks people here set off when they commit to each other's genitals. Turned out a nice 'Two Men' on a Dubuffet tip, then rolled out the latest in my long-running 'Gallery' series (though the first A4 sized with extensive colour.) I'd love to stick up the results of my creative spunking for all to see but I haven't worked out how to do the photo thangmithangthang. Maybe my ole bro over at Sky Larks might be able to give me a few pointers.

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    Lay Down Your Massive Tunes

    I'm sharing the wealth. The humungous music collection I've amassed during four months or so almost constantly on-line with Emule has been dipped into for the rarest shit to amass a gift for my pal Ben, DJ, music journo, record label type etc - the only guy I know as obsessive as me about tuneage - which I will give him when I 'bowl' over to London in a few days. Han, this list might get you back on the hard stuff.

    First off a selection of loose tunes:

    Flashback (2 remixes) FAT FREDDY'S DROP / JAZZANOVA
    Detroit MOONSTARR
    Illa ZINC
    By Your Side SADE / MOODYMANN
    Crackhousewarmingparty DAVID GILMOUR GIRLS / RUB N TUG
    Return To Margin COLDCUT / J SWINSCOE
    Ensadinado FATS SADI
    Dreadlocked Woman 2 MANY DJ'S
    New York City BEASTIE BOYS / RUB N TUG
    I'm On Fire FOUR TET
    Misnomer FOUR TET
    3625 FOUR TET
    Nobody's Gonna Love You Like I Do NORMA JEAN BELL
    Live At 237 PESHAY
    All The Critics Love U In New York (Mix 2) PRINCE / MOODYMANN
    Everything In Its Right Place RADIOHEAD / HEAD OF THE HOUSE
    Sister Morphine ROLLING STONES
    Snakes & Ladders SLY MONGOOSE / RUB N TUG
    Metronomic Underground (Peel Session) STEREOLAB

    Five sessions next

    Gilles Peterson with Beth Gibbons in Session on Radio One
    Beta Band Breezeblock Mix On Radio One
    Soft Machine Live In Montreux '74
    Spirit Of Bedrock Vol 3 by Matthew Lippiatte
    Osunlade on Novamix

    And the albums

    Live At The Royal Albert Hall '66 BOB DYLAN
    Basscadet EP AUTECHRE
    A Few Old Tunes Vol 1-2 BOARDS OF CANADA
    Mocha Supremo BUSCEMI
    Fabric Live 07 JOHN PEEL
    Ceefax FRIDGE
    Semaphore FRIDGE
    Jazz Juice Vol 1-8 GILLES PETERSON
    Brazilica Vol 1-2 GILLES PETERSON
    Impressed Vol 2 GILLES PETERSON
    Europe '72 GRATEFUL DEAD
    Flags Of The Sacred Harp JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER
    O Bidu No Brooklyn JORGE BEN
    Remixes 99-05 FOUR TET
    Black Gold KING BISCUIT TIME (aka Steve Mason, ex-Beta Band)
    DJ Kicks 4 (Rareties Bootleg) KRUDER & DORFMEISTER
    Kerrier District KERRIER DISTRICT (aka Luke Vibert)
    Peel Sessions 97 - 01 MOGWAI
    Black Mahogani 1 & 2 MOODYMANN
    Sem Limites Vol 2 MPB-4 / QUARTETO EM CY
    Smoking Blues ('70 Bootleg) PINK FLOYD
    Radio Mixes 2005 DFA
    Do This Well THE ROOTS
    Instrumental Album THE ROOTS
    Trip Hop Reconstructed (Bootleg) / Remixes PORTISHEAD
    1965 Demos / 1969 Lost Live Tapes VELVET UNDERGROUND
    Reconstruction ZERO DB

    Quite a haul. Something for everyone, even Joe Public himself! (Floyd bootlegs)
    Just as there's always a tune that the DJ wishes he'd brought, the absence of which haunts him through the set, I'm vexed by some omissions on this spectacular 4.5 GB (as near as dammit) explosion of cum.
    There is not a dicky bird from my trinity of musical heroes (who sometimes form a hexagon with the present Hebden, Dixon Jr and Blakey) - namely Neil Young, Gal Costa (ok, heroine...... will be the death of meee etc) and Art Pepper. For shame, for shame.
    I also meant to include Fat Freddy's Drop live in Paris but it somehow got lost. Next time, Murphmeister. Yo!

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Forced poem

    Struggles to come out,
    The arsehole contracts.

    Monday, August 14, 2006

    'F Is For Fake'

    This film just popped up on TVE quite unexpectedly. Welles' last film, an experimental documentary about an art forger and his hoaxer biographer, dropping in on Howard Hughes and Pablo Picasso. Interesting stories, makes me want to read about the shit they were digging into in 70s gossip pages. Good film too, and plenty of quoteables from the big man who wanders iconically through his film puffing a cheroot and wearing a black hat and cape. As George Costanza once said 'Who wears a cape?' Orson.

    I took this off the Imdb site...

    Our works in stone, in paint, in print, are spared, some of them, for a few decades or a millennium or two, but everything must finally fall in war, or wear away into the ultimate and universal ash - the triumphs, the frauds, the treasures and the fakes. A fact of life: we're going to die. "Be of good heart," cry the dead artists out of the living past. "Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing." Maybe a man's name doesn't matter all that much.

    Stating the obvious, but its nice to hear it said somewhere more permanent than the air. And us bloggers, now - aren't we the ultimate in man's disposable efforts to be permanent?

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    Yahoo Answers patheticness

    Putting some of the views I've been posting to the US college kids & single 40sth Who fans onto my fine-assed blog for posterity.

    Here's a link to my contributions... Wooodenelephant

    on creationism

    Is it true that 80% of Americans believe in Creationism?

    I previously had this question removed because of a small additional phrase which was deemed insulting. In fact, the phrase undermined the seriousness of my question and it is better without.I believe that Creationism is untrue. I also think that its advocates employ the crude but effective devise of accusing evolutionists of doing exactly what they do - such as selectively interpreting or even surpressing scientific evidence.Evolution theory is the result of years of research, and does not in any way oppose any conception of God, other than literal interpretation of scripture.I urge anyone who feels uneducated about the theory of evolution to read, for example, The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. This book opened my eyes to the true complexity and logic of evolution theory and made me see the evolution of, say, the human eye, is not only conceivable but probable - and deeply astonishing.

    on depression

    i suffered from depression for a long time. it would be fair to say it was not serious depression and typical of the depression which some adolescents and young people experience. My advice is to keep it simple. You are on a journey of accepting yourself and everything which goes with that. it will take time and there is no guarantee of success. the only thing you have in life is yourself. you have never had and never will have anything else. this probably sounds like a nightmare but after years of accepting - you will, i believe, find yourself free of your negative mind cycles.

    on lennon v elvis

    from cheesy Merseypop to glum suburban psychedelia to avant garde tedium? or from classic rock & roll balladry like Fool Such As I and Mystery Train to anthemic gospel-tinged soul like Always On My Mind and Can't Help Falling In Love? No contest.

    on the big G

    Depends on your definition of God. For instance, there are pantheistic religions (I think Hinduism is one) - i.e. god is everything. Religion and philosophy are tied. Man has always asked himself 'why am I here?' and organisations and individuals have always lied to maintain power. Just because you reject organised religion does not mean you should necessarily reject all the varied conceptions of god (or, indeed, life).Dostoevsky believed prayer was psychologically beneficial and I, for one, agree with him. A sound mind can accomplish more than an unsound one.

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    new mix

    As I used to with my tapes, I'm currently making loads of mix cds at the same time.
    The first one to be completed is a deep mix of tech-house etc. which came in at a glorious 79.49. All of these tunes have been ticklin the tiny bones more than others.


    2. Detroit - MOONSTARR
    4. Deep City - BASIC BASTARD
    5. Buena Vida - INNER CITY / CARL CRAIG
    6. By Your Side - SADE / MOODYMANN
    7. Crackhousewarmingparty - DAVID GILMOUR GIRLS / RUB N TUG
    9. Everything In Its Right Place - RADIOHEAD / HEAD OF THE HOUSE
    10. J'ai Dormir Sous L'eau - AIR / CHATEAU FLIGHT
    11. Atlantic Avenue - FRANCIS HARRIS & DAVE MOTHERSOLE

    All excellent tracks. Last night I had the presence of mind to download the full version of Charles Webster's remix of The Sad Piano (the 4 minute edit appears on this cd) so this may reappear on these pages sooner than others.
    Special mention is owed to Dave Mothersole, whose late night deep & tech house show on London's Kiss FM (Tuesdays, 2am) almost single-handedly turned me on to these kinds of sounds. Isn't it time Dave's show was syndicated on the 'Net?
    I'm looking into podcasting technology, folks, so watch this space...

    Friday, July 21, 2006

    Michel Thomas

    Just been getting into the first few lessons of his Learn Spanish course on my delicious Creative Zen Micro, which I erroneously call an iPod (isn't it high time iPod became accepted slang for all mp3 players in the manner of sellotape, hoover etc?). Really beefing up my knowledge already, especially on grammar and pronunciation - I've been living in Valencia for a year and already have a lot of the vocabulary down. He must be pretty old though, it sounds like he's sucking a Werther`s Original the whole time.

    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Tee Hee (Update)

    Just click on 'Woodcock' in my entry 'Tee Hee' and you'll get a direct link to the meaning eater. Now we can all write nonsense poetry like Chris Morris.
    Not that anyone's going to visit this blog. Not with sites like 'Naked Asian Girl' around. Rumpole!!!

    a FUCKING tracklisting you CUNT!

    English humour, ay? The finest in the world. All cancer and paedophiles. The Americans say (adopt mosquito-like whine) 'Uh, why is that funny?' A friend told me 80% believe in creationism. For goodness sake. That's why Oprah's got a TV show instead of being as nature intended her - alone, scared and crying. Anyway...
    I'm hoping to DJ in sunny Valencia town. The tracklisting of my historic first promo CD follows.
    ¡Joder! y'all!


    1. I'm A Man CHICAGO / RUB N TUG
    2. Tropical Soundclash DJ GREGORY / KENNY DOPE
    3. Dreadlocked Woman 2 MANY DJ'S
    4. Dat Dere BOBBY TIMMONS
    5. Live At 2-37 PESHAY
    6. Sebastiana GAL COSTA
    7. Afro Temple SABU MARTINEZ
    8. Peas N Rice FREDDIE McCOY
    10. Break You Off THE ROOTS & MUSIQ
    11. She Lives In My Lap OUTKAST
    12. Illa ZINC
    13. Black Waders BEN & THE PLATANO GROUP
    14. Ensadinado FATS SADI
    15. Jeep Blues PIERO UMILIANI

    Lots of jazz cos I'm going to a jazz club tomorrow an' I like jazz anyway.
    Just say the word 'jazz'. Its funny.

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Man have I been downloading shitloads from Emule.

    I feel so empty.

    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Tee Hee

    Here's a rare non-music link in my favourites folder

    Features lots of ideas for creating poetry.
    No.81 is 'The Meaning Eater'.

    Here's the tittersome result of feeding it my entry with the Bukowski poem...

    Frightfulness, Apron 70, 1019

    My favors poetical
    Girl In A Minting Reals Theological Biblically Outweighed My Windsor – Charisma GonegrnoSunny,I am eaten agrappling,churchly is overcome at theoreticians Russet Orthant to theoremsweston.sheared is darerof Eastwick description,larry brooks eye looming up fro theorization Bibsthey downing.a smartly redefine andalusians blanketBibliographical, andrews as shelby reachesheretofore legalization keeper mover, movie,shenandoah is doing a slotted qjbmxux danielreasonably thermodynamics Bibliographical. . .longer goldstine earthmover;8 goleta brambles on each armory,andean it's a mints-suitcase, I supple,therein cloakroom hugh hereafter body,theaters lighting of tandem is thankful clods,sheppard twitching thickens waynesboro andalusians thankless,longhand yellowing legibly ware in their sung. . .thence is no escalates hermits beiruttherapists is no desertions to. . .my radicals is placement sympathizer mushroomsthanklessly shenandoah canine heapsbutane herring moves coiling exasperateto theoretic jytgrd of thermostatsymposia. . .shelled is darkly, sheep is darsheboygan is reallocate above Godwin.I am Gods.
    posner by wooing at 9:78 AM

    7 Comings:
    Pose a Compensate

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    2 cool music blogs

    Here are links to a couple of fellow bloggers´sites which I've posted messages on.
    Fellow Englishman in Spain, Heavy Usker. Lots of sunny beats on these podcasts.
    'Psych-folk'. Every track sublime.
    Respect due.

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    My favourite poem

    Girl In A Miniskirt Reading The Bible Outside My Window – Charles Bukowski

    I am eating a
    church is over at the Russian Orthadox to the

    she is dark
    of Eastern descent,
    large brown eyes look up from the Bible
    then down.

    a small red and black
    Bible, and as she reads
    her legs keep moving, moving,
    she is doing a slow rythmic dance
    reading the Bible. . .

    long gold earrings;
    2 gold bracelets on each arm,
    and it's a mini-suit, I suppose,
    the cloth hugs her body,
    the lightest of tans is that cloth,
    she twists this way and that,
    long yellow legs warm in the sun. . .

    there is no escaping her being
    there is no desire to. . .

    my radio is playing symphonic music
    that she cannot hear
    but her movements coincide exactly
    to the rythms of the
    symphony. . .

    she is dark, she is dark
    she is reading about God.

    I am God.

    First blood

    Here's what's come thru on Emule since I got it up n' runnin'.
    Need to get onto Soulseek though for more obscurities...

    The Sopranos Series 6 Episodes1 & 2
    Broken Flowers

    Santana & Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live In Chicago 1973
    Chet Baker & Art Pepper - The Route
    Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love
    DJ Dangermouse - The GreyAlbum
    Color Strip - Jimmy Edgar
    Broken Flowers soundtrack
    Yusef Lateef - The Blue Yusef Lateef

    By the way, we don't have the right programs installed to play any of this shit yet... So it could all be LA gay boys entering each other (what we got when my girlfriend tried to download the Hung Up video last year... Hilarious.)
    She's got more files through than me, though she's been searching for less.
    Who'd have thought James Blunt and Green Day were easier to find than Paris Soul by Ben & The Platano Group (1971)? I mean, really, who?

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    Podcasts & mp3 blogs

    I've discovered free music on the Internet. I have tonnes of stuff. This is before I even start with peer to peer programs like Emule and Soulseek.

    Here's some podcast tips for anyone who stumbles onto my page in RandomBlogLand...

    Quincy Essential Music

    Bending Corners

    Paris DJs

    Broken Beat Radio

    Avolta Jr


    Soul sociedad

    Straight No Chaser

    Thursday, March 09, 2006

    I Dream Of Boj

    I had a dream a couple of nights ago. Someone rang my mobile in my old living room and said 'Hello there you young old speccy four eyes. I was just looking at your blog and I just wanted to tell you it seems you have a lot of interestingness in your life right now.' I said who's this? and got the reply 'Boj'.

    Sunday, March 05, 2006

    I Dream Of Matisse

    Cold blue canvas
    In a warm room
    Mocking words,
    In these combinations.

    Saturday, March 04, 2006


    Today I went to my first mascleta which is a series of explosions for five minutes. The Plaza d'Ayuntamiento was packed out. Its addictive, I'm looking forward to seeing it again - they have it everyday til the end of fallas - 19th March. My girlfriend told me to keep my mouth open because its so loud it can burst your eardrums. A woman in front of us fainted and had to be carried out. If I can compare it to anything it would be the strange compulsion of popping bubblewrap but on a much larger, louder scale.

    Thursday, March 02, 2006


    Have a headache from downloading image files from the Adam Baumgold gallery Lots of interesting artists I've never heard of here.
    Sigh. My art teacher discouraged me from painting because I couldn't draw in 3D and create realistic pictures of ropes and apples. Seeing some of this makes me want to get back in the saddle though, along with my novel writing (going slowly, avid Wooodenelephant fans). I used to do lots of cartoons. Maybe one day I'll scan them up here. Watch this space! For probably quite a long time! So art, literature... What about music? Can't get my head round the technology. Maybe I should give it another try...

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Art brut

    I went to an exhibition here in Valencia called 'El fuego bajo las cenizas' featuring pieces by Picasso and Basquiat. I wasn't much of a gallery visitor in London but I returned to this exhibition at the IVAM three times in August before it ended at the end of the month.
    The IVAM also had a terrific photography exhibition (many styles represented) - including a 1960 collage by Antonio Saura, Richard Hamilton's My Marilyn and Wim Wenders' widescreen shot of the Road To Damascus (so good seeing this dawn(?) shot in a huge print.
    But the 'El fuego' exhibition was the big draw and from it I discovered Jean Dubuffet, seen as the godfather of art brut / naive art / tribal art. I'm having trouble finding reproductions on the 'net of the Dubuffets exhibited in Valencia last year (such as 'Comments') but my liking for him has lead me to discover other exponents of art brut such as Darger, Wolfifi, Walla, Carlo, Guillame Pujolle (all institutionalised with the exception of recluse Darger - an innovative bio-film is out which I'd love to see). There's also Sanfourche whose jolly simplistic colourful smiling men recall what attracted me to the Dubuffets - and whose work I'd like to see a lot more of.
    A link on all the mad art brutists is

    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    Discourse on the Internet experience

    I don't know. 40 Euros a month. Is it worth it? With some music file sharing into the bargain I guess it would be.
    I like photos, arts, cartoons so I'm quite addicted to flickr, the lambiek comiclopedia and a couple of art sites which have a lot of good downloadable reproductions. Working my way through a couple of links pages. Found a couple of good photoblogs - chromasia and genestho. There must be tons out there though, huh?

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    Junk For Code

    Now that's a good blog.

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Harmony Korine

    Was just reading about Korine's unfinished Fight Harm project.
    What a loon!

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Words I didn't know from David Mamet's Wilson : The First 12

    While reading Mamet's latest I kept a notebook of some of the words I didn't know and have been checking out for some definitions...

    orthography - the conventional spelling system of a language

    philology - the study of the structure, historical development, and relationships of a language or languages

    chimera - something hoped for but illusory or impossible to achieve

    nascent - just coming into existence and beginning to develop

    arcane - understood by few; mysterious

    abstruse - difficult to understand; obscure

    doggerel - comic or badly written verse

    acrostic - a poem or puzzle in which certain letters in each line form a word or words

    picayune - petty; worthless

    bathos - (in literature) an unintentional change in mood from the important and serious to the trivial or ridiculous

    analgesic - relieving pain / a pain-relieving drug

    apotheosis - the culmination or highest point: science is the apotheosis of the intellect

    More to come soon!
    Stay tuned!
    Tell all your friends!

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Corporation:Blend splits up

    Got in touch with an old pal in London where I used to live and he told me another old pal's band had gone their separate ways.
    Got me musing (again) about how nice it would be to be in a band, especially one with longevity like REM, RHCP or personal old faves Teenage Fanclub. To hang out with the same dudes for a decade or two, seeing all those changes in your lives and expressing them with music.
    And last night, out walking my girlfriend's dog, I heard the sound of some people jamming, an acoustic guitar strumming, a Brazilian vibe. I looked at the lighted window and sighed with that special nostalgia reserved for another's life glimpsed.
    As it turned out, the music was coming from a nearby car radio, but you know what I mean.

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Jean Baudrillard on television

    "It is the screen that is laughing and having a good time. You are simply left alone with your consternation ... Suddenly the TV reveals itself for what it really is: a video of another world, ultimately addressed to no one at all, delivering its messages indifferently, indifferent to its own messages (you can easily imagine it still functioning after humanity has disappeared)," (America 49-50).

    Bran Van 3000

    I was looking for free music downloads today.
    I found a site called epitonic and i've been listening to tunes i downloaded earlier all afternoon.
    Astounded by Bran Van 3000 just came up. Pretty good. Singer sounds a lot like Curtis Mayfield. I was reading how the band was formed after a guy walked into a music store with ten thousand dollars he'd just earned shooting a music video. Their big hit I remember was Drinking In LA and it was on a beer advert. This is the problem with devoting all your free time to the consumption of media - you find out about all these people with more fun lives than you.

    First post

    Just got the Internet in my flat a couple of days ago. Told myself I'd use it to research things and write a novel.
    So far this hasn't happened.