Thursday, August 10, 2006

Yahoo Answers patheticness

Putting some of the views I've been posting to the US college kids & single 40sth Who fans onto my fine-assed blog for posterity.

Here's a link to my contributions... Wooodenelephant

on creationism

Is it true that 80% of Americans believe in Creationism?

I previously had this question removed because of a small additional phrase which was deemed insulting. In fact, the phrase undermined the seriousness of my question and it is better without.I believe that Creationism is untrue. I also think that its advocates employ the crude but effective devise of accusing evolutionists of doing exactly what they do - such as selectively interpreting or even surpressing scientific evidence.Evolution theory is the result of years of research, and does not in any way oppose any conception of God, other than literal interpretation of scripture.I urge anyone who feels uneducated about the theory of evolution to read, for example, The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. This book opened my eyes to the true complexity and logic of evolution theory and made me see the evolution of, say, the human eye, is not only conceivable but probable - and deeply astonishing.

on depression

i suffered from depression for a long time. it would be fair to say it was not serious depression and typical of the depression which some adolescents and young people experience. My advice is to keep it simple. You are on a journey of accepting yourself and everything which goes with that. it will take time and there is no guarantee of success. the only thing you have in life is yourself. you have never had and never will have anything else. this probably sounds like a nightmare but after years of accepting - you will, i believe, find yourself free of your negative mind cycles.

on lennon v elvis

from cheesy Merseypop to glum suburban psychedelia to avant garde tedium? or from classic rock & roll balladry like Fool Such As I and Mystery Train to anthemic gospel-tinged soul like Always On My Mind and Can't Help Falling In Love? No contest.

on the big G

Depends on your definition of God. For instance, there are pantheistic religions (I think Hinduism is one) - i.e. god is everything. Religion and philosophy are tied. Man has always asked himself 'why am I here?' and organisations and individuals have always lied to maintain power. Just because you reject organised religion does not mean you should necessarily reject all the varied conceptions of god (or, indeed, life).Dostoevsky believed prayer was psychologically beneficial and I, for one, agree with him. A sound mind can accomplish more than an unsound one.

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