Thursday, December 15, 2011

American Athelete

Sadly American Athlete is no more but there are plenty of good tracks still available for download there. A lot of quality disco here and some nice world music nuggets too.

Big Pink tumblr

Guy from Dalstonite duo The Big Pink has his own tumblr. Check it out here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tazz And Giovanni - Welcome To The Dub

Love this tune I found over at dirtyblackdisco, really nice site streaming wicked tunes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Here's a site of cool imagery (from a teenage girl in Sweden, I think) which I found whilst searching my family name (Flaxa) on Google images which seems to mean something like 'armpit' in Swedish. The blog address says Chan3l so that's what I'll call the post.

The polaroid of palm trees that is my new header is also from this site.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Miguel Puente

Chunky and fresh mix at Get The Curse

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Hit Parade 87

Picked up this lovely compilation about a year ago in Notting Hill for a mere 6 quid. It's now my most played vinyl. Pure quality French pop.


01 Joe Le Taxi-Vanessa Paradis 02 Helene-Julien Clerc 03 Kole Sere-P.Lavil & Jocelyne Beroard 04 Pile ou Face-Corynne Charby 05 Je te promets-J. Hallyday 06 Le coeur en exil-Images 07 Les petits boudins-Rober Farel 08 Quand la ville dort-Niagara 09 Les divas du dancing-Philippe Cataldo 10 Le pull-over blanc-Graziella De Michele 11 Les Tzars-Indochine 12 Ces idees-là -Bertignac 13 A bailar calypso-Elli Medeiros 14 Une autre histoire- G.Blanc

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dix-sept Fois Cécile Cassard (2002)

The film boldly works with a considered palette of colours, deliberately artful framing of shots and a soundtrack which is, by turns, emotive and ambient, letting Beatrice Dalle's performance carry the dramatic weight. Well worth a look.

Arab Strap & Khaya

A couple of 96 / 97 era British indie tunes for you today plus lyrics, both showing a similar vocal and lyrical style...

The first above is from Arab Strap, called The First Big Weekend. The second from Khaya, who aren't even on Youtube right now and their track Summer/Winter Song, which you can check out here.


So that was the first big weekend of the summer...
Starts Thursday as usual with the canteen quiz and again no-one wins the big cash prize.
Later I do my sound Bloke routine by approaching Gina's new boyfriend to say that he shouldn't feel that there's any animosity between us and then I even go and make peace with her Shouldn't have bothered.

Then on Friday night we went through to the Arches...

There was only one car going so some of us had to get the train. We got through quite late. Then we went to a pub to take the gear.
There was no problems getting in - we saw some others waiting down the front of the queue so we skipped in.
It was a good night - everyone was nutted and I ended up dancing with some blonde girl.
I thought she had been quite pretty until last night when Matthew informed me that she had, in fact, been a pig.

When the club finished we wandered the streets for a while until we got to this 24-hour cafe.
I didn't like the look of it so we left and got a taxi back to Morag's flat.
I couldn't sleep so I sat about drinking someone else's strawberry tonic wine and tried to keep everyone else up.

Then at ten o'clock in the morning we went downstairs to buy some drink. We had intended to watch the football in the afternoon but we'd passed out by then and slept right through it, awaking to find that England had won two-nil.
Then we went to get the train home and had a few in the Station bar.
We had some stuff left from the previous night's supplies so when we got home we decided to go down to John's indie disco.
Same story as Friday - lots of hugging, lots of dancing etc. etc.
I couldn't sleep again so went to the park to look at the toon, taking a detour through the playpark.
To get in we had to climb over a ten foot steel fence, which resulted in severe bruising of our hands, legs and groins, but we had a good laugh on the stuff, especially the tube-slide, which probably doubles up as a urinal for drunk teens.
Then we walked through the woods to have a look at the toon. Big disappointment, but the mist on the lake was cool.

Sunday afternoon we go up to John's with a lot of beer in time to watch the Simpsons - it was a really good episode about love always ending in tragedy except, of course, for Marge and Homer. It was quite moving at the end and to tell you the truth my eyes were a bit damp.

Then we watched these young girls in swimsuits have a water fight in the street.
We went up to the pub about ten.
It was busy for a Sunday night, lots of people we know, including my first ever girlfriend who I still find very attractive, quite frankly, but I didn't really speak to her
She's probably still a bitch, anyway.
Her friend Gillian was there, I had a chat with her, she was still quite pleasant.
At the same time I watched Malcolm make some terrible attempt to try and chat up a girl we know called Jo. He made some remark about her skirt that was barely there the previous night or something.
I couldn't sleep again that night, thanks to some seriously disturbing nightmares...Matthew says I should cut down on the cheese.

"Went out for the weekend, it lasted for ever, high with our friends it's officially summer."

I got some sleep eventually on Monday afternoon.
It was a beautiful day, and later that evening Malcolm introduced me to the power of Merrydown - ■.79 a litre, 8.2% - mmmm.....
Judith and Laura came round later and we sat in my back garden and drank.
Then Matthew came round and we went up the town.
It's officially summer.


We went round 2 Dan's to get some beer
John came round and we got drunk.
Dan was singing U could make me die music
So we did some 4-track stuff.
At about 10 Beth appeared.
She wasn't happy about working in a bar
Dealing with drunk people
And coming home to find her friends drunk too,
But that's the way it's been lately.

We went out and if it was a good night
It wasn't the first but it meant more
And I don't think I was acting too clever
But I don't care
And I suppose you could let me off
Because what difference would a few more miles make.
What difference does a few more miles make
When homes so far away.

Dan seamed happy that night
He said he always felt like this
It's only the people that change.
One group. Two group.

Do you remember that Leonard Cohen song 'Suzanne'?
Do you remember that Leonard Cohen song ?
Do you remember that Leonard Cohen song 'Suzanne'?
Do you remember that Leonard Cohen song ?
Do you remember summers?

It happens in the summer.
It happens in the winter.
It happens in the summer.
It happens in the winter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Play Dusty For Me

Dalston Mix 2 named 'Play Dusty For Me' in honour of Dustytape, where I think a couple of tracks came from though 3 tracks also come from the superb Ghost Capital. You will see some more familiar names as well as some total obscurity (track 12 is from my mate which I had a hand in creating) and I hope its a pleasurable nugget hunt. Mediafire link here.

02 Go Go Go CHBB
03 Cause Is Aid It Right CLARENCE G
04 Unknown (c008-1)
06 It's Alright ESG
07 Shoplifting SLITS
08 Stop The Drums LE LONDON ALL STAR
10 Santa Cruz VDB JOEL
12 Complow PALGONE
13 Kpalamule MIKI JAGA
15 Requiem Pour Un Con SERGE GAINSBOURG
18 Night Moves (Tokyo Mix) BOB SEGER
19 Relections BILL CONTI

Nightdriving Part Deux

A long-planned sequel to this mix made back in the day. Bit more 'balearic' but gets deeper along the way... Download from Mediafire here

My computer is heaving with old folders of mp3s so I'm going to be merging them and uploading them to probably no comment in the near future. This is also the first in a series called The Dalston Mixes as I'm playing the warm-up set at Happenstance's bi-monthly event at The Junction Room in Dalston. Next one is tomorrow (at the time of writing) Wednesday 14th September!!

01 Set Adrift On Memory Mix - ENYA / ENIGMA / PM DAWN
03 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - SWELL SESSION
05 Shelter (Eligia Mix) - LU & JII HOO
08 Dragon Loop - MARCUS WORGULL
09 Analogue Expressions - FLORENCE
11 Knight Rider Theme Tune
12 In The Air Tonight (Instrumental) PHIL COLLINS

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Chateau Marmont - One Thousand Realities

Monochrome psychedelia in this wonderful video for Chateau Marmont from Shinya Sato.

Jan Svankmajer

Been discovering the work of stop motion animator Jan Svankmajer this afternoon. The kind of thing that would've been schedule fillers on Channel 4 back in tha day. Works well as visuals for your faivrit choons...

Monday, September 05, 2011

Voices From The Lake

'...Wisdom and poetry seek for final answers, but our human world is made of energy that never rests, never stops changing. Our world is an endless rearrangement of the same variables.
Love is the pleasure of the universe.
All feelings are variations of love or the absence of it. Love is any agreement between entities or systems....
Since we humans live in a material/energy reality, the occurence of pain is frequent and common, and enduring it is necessary for our survival.
Therefore, love is not the universal answer to all our problems, since material systems must maintain their differences from other systems.....
Feelings never lie. Emotions always tell us exactly the degree of our agreement or disagreement with others....
Agreements can be felt and known but cannot be perceived, which is why we sometimes doubt our good feelings....
To love consciousness, we must be space. To love energy, we must not only be energy, we must be synchronised energy. To love mass, we must be unconscious.'

From Thaddeus Golas' 'The Lazy Man's Guide To Enlightenment' (Gibbs Smith)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dominique Breisinger

Dominique Breisinger

Kelpin Thompson

Kelpin Thompson

Finn Stone

Finn Stone

Thomas Houseago

Thomas Houseago at the Saatchi Gallery.

Science Of Sleep

This is my choice of clip in response to the ugliness of the riots around London and the rest of the UK as well as to the negativity of much of the media and political response...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hackney Wicked

Gotta start taking my camera out more often. Here are some snaps of Hackney Wicked Festival taken by Essien at Happenstance. Did a DJ set for their first birthday party and will be taking part in a new twice monthly night of theirs in Dalston. Watch the space for more details...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

True London icon, dead way beyond her time.

I was hoping she'd 'do a Keith Richards', live a wild lifestyle and survive. What a disappointment.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Refreshing retro mix from Gil Tonic at Soundcloud.

Malibu by GilTonic

First image is from the film 'Slaves Of New York'(1989). You can see more images here. Remember seeing this when I was trying to see all the films Steve Buscemi ever made (an impossible task, of course)
The next is a Keith Haringesque still from the excellent video for the excellent Rudeboy by Rihanna.
Last image is a collage representing the output of Death By Zero. I have one of their T shirts which I love like it was my flesh and blood. I kind of wish I was joking but I find age (and lack of money and job prospects) is making me shallower and shallower! ;) Their tumblr is here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hanif Kureshi On Thatcherism

'I never understood the elevation of greed as a political credo. Why would anyone want to base a political programme on bottomless dissatisfaction and the impossibility of happiness? Perhaps that was its appeal - the promise of luxury that in fact promoted endless work'

From P.70 of Kureshi's flawless, amoral novella 'Intimacy' (Faber & Faber)

Image is by Junku Nishimura at Anteportas

Elodie Lauten - Sunrise by FIRE RECORDS

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chris Fortier

Been aware of Chris Fortier for a while. Deep, minimal, progressive and no nonsense.
Image is from a Georgian photographer called David Mekshi at Lens Culture

Chris Fortier DJ Sets (various gigs) by Chris Fortier


Yimmy Yayo