Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joan Miro

Great exhibition at the Tate Modern right now.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mogwai - New Paths To Helicon Part 1

First heard this on John Peel when I was about 15. Was amazed by its beauty and otherworldniness but wasn't quite ready for it. Now one of my very favourite tracks.

T Recs

Just a couple of things I think you might like...

This album, complete with titillating cover and lost in translation title is never going to get a waffly deconstruction show but it is a well lovely bit of trio jazz. Act quick cos Quimsy likes to take his links down (link is in comments). Here.

And cool French geezer gilb-r uploaded some excellent obscure nuggets here.

Detriot - Moonstarr

Detriot by Moonstarr

These days I like my techno and house a bit deeper but this is a classic from my Gilles P days - Moonstarr's Detriot (intentionally mispelt apparently!)

Image by Amy Grappell at Contemporary Art Daily

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Does Boogie Mean?

Enjoy this fantastic clip from Billy Wilder's 1941 film Ball Of Fire where Gary Cooper is cast against type as a bumbling academic who falls for Barbara Stanwyck's utterly smokin' gangster's moll / nightclub singer. Gene Krupa has a great cameo as himself here. I hope you enjoy the 'hip' slang as much as I do. Wait for the end where the 'wild man' GK does a match trick. Killer!

Monday, May 09, 2011


So many fine mixes at Allez Allez tho the one by Men & Machines (April 06 2011) is one of the most outstanding (partiularly love the Maxim Lany track)- tracklist...

brain machine – alchemia
superpitcher – moon fever
this heat – 24 track loop
chris & cosey – useless info
emperor machine – aimée tallulah is hypnotized
robert rental and the normal - live at west runton pavilion, 6-3-79
gatekeeper - giza
naum gabo – wet job
ricardo villalobos - dexter
tres demented – demented drums version
egyptian lover – dance (long drum version)
carlos ‘gogo’ gomez – brazilica
arto mwambe – one lonely knight (extended live mix)
justin vandervolgen – clapping song
joachim spieth – up
maxim lany – cuncambias
the hours – ali in the jungle (beg to differ dub)
pete heller – nu acid
brian eno – the big ship

Image is from R.H.Quaytman at Contemporary Art Daily

Tom Greenwood Mix

Getting well into Soundcloud. Just popped in to see JOMF head Tom Greenwood recently uploaded a mix. It is as satisfyingly weird and underground as you would have good reason to expect.

Tom Greenwood - Jackie O Motherfucker Mix by FIRE RECORDS

Image is from Christopher Green at Tiny Vices


Kind of an experimental mix - where my head is right now...

01. Fix To Fall LOOP
02. Death Drums ECHOBOY
04. We Dream Free (Edit) KIERAN HEBDEN & STEVE REID
05. I’m Falling (Paris Bordeaux Mix) CHARLES WEBSTER
07. Track? AIRTO FOGO
08. Pyar Do Pyar Lo JANBAAZ
09. Message From Kenya ART BLAKEY & SABU MARTINEZ
10. Comin’ Home Baby MEL TORME
11. Cause Is Alright CLARENCE G
13. Science Mystery V.D.B JOEL
14. Nincompop – LALIPUNA / TLS
15. You Made Me Do It AGO
17. Never Known Love THIEVES LIKE US
18. Let’s Go Downtown NEIL YOUNG
19. Take It Easy My Brother Charlie SOM TRES

Get it here at Mediafire.

Image is by the great Wim Wenders, named 'Dusk in Coober Pedy, South Australia, 1978'
which I found at Junk For Code.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Was struck by the simple beauty of these images by Daniel Farber at Beverley Kaye Outsider Art

Fuck Buttons - Surf Solar by Robogeisha

Monday, May 02, 2011

Dub Biznizz