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Normandy by Roger Klaassen

From this flickr

Subway - Hal (Bonus Track)

Brice Marden

Soichi Terada - Purple Haze

Jerzy Kawalerowicz – Matka Joanna od aniolów AKA Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)

Some images from this moody, weird psychological masterpiece I caught at the BFI recently..

Tal R

Great art from Tal R whose illustrations are featured in the sumptuously packaged Flametti by Hugo Ball published by Wakefield Press..

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Pretty funny post from imdb

i own my own plumbing company when i herd paul walker called the actor had called and needed some work at his house. so i arrive at his door ring the bell and he opens it says what up man all the time trying to hold in laughter , i say how are you , what seems to be the problem. he says this way and already i can see about an inch of water all over the floor. he seemed to just casually walk through it like nothing. he goes there it is while laughing the entire time. i have been in the industry for almost 30 years and have worked in some of the worst areas of california and let me tell you this bathroom looked like a sold old stadium had only one bathroom available. i said what happened here, he stared at me blanky and confused and said in a angry and aggressive manner "you got a problem with that", and got up to my face so close that our noses almost touched. he attempted to back me down into a corner but i had said i needed to call my guys and order a completely new Drain-waste-vent system, and he starts mocking me saying things like "those are big words for a small man" and he starts spalashhing me with the sewage water that is all over the floor. ive delt with some hollywood types in my career such as the likes of george clooney and m night shyamalan and they had been nothing but generous. am not sure if this guy was on something or he was practicing for a role but there really is no need to treat another person like that who is trying to help you. he then asked me to see his car collection and if i knew he was the star of the biggest movies of all time and he can "take me any day in any one of his luxury cars which i could never afford". i got the job done with the help of about 5 guys all the time he just sat there listening to that song gasolina on repeat for about 6 hours staring at the wall , when we were done he just pointed to the counter top where he left the money and we left. am not sure whats this mans mental state was but these actors in lala land sure have some serous entitlement and emotional issues they need sorted out.

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No Wonder They Made It Back!

Alexi Hobbs

the human mind is the product of the universe and as such our pondering of the universe is also a product of that universe
a snake eating its tail
i think we are unwise to see the universe as indifferent or hostile in its infinity
we are part of the universe so, somewhere in that loaf, we are also infinite
we are snugly coiled in the same infinity, the same unsolveable mystery

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Mark Seven - Pillow Talk

Débruit & Alsarah - Jibal Alnuba - ٥. جبال النوبة

Mear One

Some thoughts after reading the first few pages of 'Cosmos And Psyche' By Richard Tarnas

The universe goes infinitely in and infinitely out. We are a part of this. We are this and it is us. Jung said the movements of the heavens are reflected in the movements in the depths of our unconscious. Everything is connected. Everything is everything. Everything is. We are. It is.
Tarnas says the modern mind as we know it today can be seen as beginning with Copernicus. He revealed the Earth was not at the centre of the universe. This was a total mindfuck. It is inconceivable to us as a mindfuck now but it was.
The primal self saw (sees) no division between the world / universe / nature and us / humans. There are symbols, communication from the waves, the trees, two eagles in flight in the sky just as there are symbols, communication within us.
The modern self sees an impersonal, indifferent universe with all meaning contained in the self and falsely, unempirically projected from the self onto that universe.
I am not that far through Tarnas’ work yet but I agree with all of this. This all seems true.
The Enlightenment freed us from false religions, false rules, false threats and fears and rewards. Man put his faith in the empirical (the testable and provable), in the world of science.
This enabled (and enables) huge technical progress but a by-product of this is that we lose the feeling that we as humans are connected to the universe. In fact we are of the universe. We are part of it thus we are it. The universe is us.
Modern alienation. A feeling that the universe is indifferent. Why is the universe indifferent if we are it and we are not? We are not separate from it. We are of it. We are it. We are not all of it. But we are of it. We have heart, soul, love, lust, passion, hunger, joy etc so so does it.
I’m riffing on Tarnas’ ideas here but it does seem that we are trapped by a view of the universe as indifferent which makes us feel hopeless.
But religion is us. Made by us. We invented it for many reasons but part of it is hope. Without hope, life is not good. We need hope.
‘Why is there something rather than nothing?’ Unanswerable. We are still in a universe that is mysterious to us. Even though some answers are found, we already know that all answers cannot be found. The most atheistic, secular explanation for the start of all existence is the big bang – a totally abstract, magical, mindblowing, mysterious concept that we can be too quick to dismiss as physics and therefore unspiritual. It is humans reaching an end to our science and our language and confronted with the unknown.
The mystery goes on within and without us in a myriad of combinations we can only feel  and experience. I personally hold that language can act as a barrier to experience. Language is a set of rules like a religion or an ideology.
To see the self as isolated and insignificant is to miss the oneness of everything.
Tarnas discusses two modern world views – one sees modernity as pure progress, the other as pure destruction. Both are right and wrong.

We always talk in terms of being on a road or a path. We are always going somewhere. We are never just here. Here is where we are meant to be. Here is where we can change. All we know about the universe and humankind suggests hope, joy, sympathy, love. Be.


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King So So - Disco In The Sky

on the sofa

on the sofa
my hair's a little greasy
in a small house in Chiswick again
where I've spent most of my 33 years

not long ago
I was in Bangkok
on pills
now I'm off pills

can't get the pills in the UK
gonna get some more
but need to wait longer
the way it is

can't get a job
living with my parents
listen to tunes on youtube
every chance i get

far away
from laughs

my girl's gone
my dog's gone
my flat's gone
my laugh's gone


The Francis Inferno Orchestra - "I Need It" (Nicholas Basement Remix)

Sigmar Polke - City Painting II, 1968

FINA010 Tom Taylor, This World, Clive Henry & Rui Da Silva Dischords mix

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Sigmar Polke ii

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put off denied
projected with fear and dogma

the coversation
the interrogation the the

pyramind selling
guilt white bear coke

king of the castle crew skaters lesbians siciy
elephant wisdom
peace happiness
the 1% slowly begin to panic
as we listen to their castles
softly fade from view

edgy anger
a date with sicily
listeners and youth
drug time
fun time
nice time
nodding head in time
to rhyme
and ashes
find us
whisper careful peace

Oracy - Another Family Day


The Lenson home on a small rise overlooking the gray waters of St. Louis bay. The exterior was an example of elegant rusticity; the interior was a place where Rüdiger Schildknapp who himself is a composer of horrid beards, says things that Mary hates like' Get to the highest point of the island and then you'll see'.

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in internet conversation with a pyramid seller

Sartre talked about 'free commitments' (which may sound oxymoronic) - it is a choice made at some point in your life to an ideology or set of ideologies which then becomes a fixed way of being / acting / speaking. Sartre himself made a free commitment to Communism, understandable given the context of Fascism at the time tho it blinded him to Communism's shortcomings.. i think i see a common thread in individuals i encounter beginning from square two (ideologies) rather than square one (freedom). however, i also concede that in general we have evolved enough to know and remember what the 'poisonous berries' are. yakshimash!

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constantine manos

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