Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jazz For Petra

A little jazzy treat for my friends Robin and Petra.

01 Paul Gonzalves - Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick
02 Chet Baker & Art Pepper - If I Should Lose You
03 Nina Simone - African Mailman
04 Django Reinhardt & Sidney Bechet - Clair De Lune
05 Toquinho - Carolina Carol Bela
06 Don Cunningham Quartet - Tabu
07 Francy Boland - Rosa DeLuxe
08 France Gall - Le Coeur Qui Jazze
09 Sammy Davis Jr - The Joker
10 Focus 65 - Sombrero Sam
11 Baden Powell - Canto De Ossanha
12 Noro Morales Quartet – Saona
13 Rhetta Hughes - Light My Fire
14 Freddie McCoy - Spiderman
15 Gus Viseur Et Son Ensemble – Jeannette
16 Bola Sete – Choro 1
17 Herbie Mann - It Ain’t Necessarily So

California Beard Faith

3 mixes…

Fine mix of M.O.R. Californiana by a Frenchman (of course)

According to its mixer, Chris Keyz, this one has ‘All kinds of things on it with a bit of Rock, some dubby Disco, a classic or two and some edits thrown in.’ Its pretty damn great whatever it is…

And a tip top Peel tribute from Gary Walsh (of the John Peel Everyday blog)

Meanwhile on the zip front I discovered this ace blog of original gritty blues recordings

Finally a really nice jam from Ahmad Jamal at Devil’s Jazz Pit. Its supposed to be a bit ‘challenging’ but it sounds pretty smooth to me!

Image is taken from a friend's humourous blog which you can find here...

Monday, September 10, 2007

3 Chairs

3 Chairs 1

3 Chairs 2 & 4

3 Chairs 3 cd1

3 Chairs 3 cd 2 (including ‘bonus’ track All Over)

I use two file sharing programmes for downloading – Emule and Soulseek. I have got some unexpected nuggets from EMule at times but its Soulseek that (with patience) can yield the most impressive culls.

For instance, by constant reference to Discogs, I think I now have a complete discography of the 3 Chairs project which I’m sharing with you here.

3 Chairs are Kenny Dixon Jr. (aka Moodymann), Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite and Marcellus Pittman. Dixon Jr and Parrish’s ‘solo’ output is classifiable as underground dance music, but within that genre much of it is accessible and even ‘dancefloor-friendly’. So perhaps the 3Chairs project gives them a chance to challenge their listeners a little more than at least the music on their big releases (i.e. cd albums).

There’s some distorted bass on a couple of tracks which probably reflects the quality of the rips – but, with this stuff, nothing is certain! A lot of these rips are definitely good quality though, with some very high bitrates in these bundles.

Free-Market Propaganda Antidote

'Soon after US petroleum production had peaked, official policy began emphasizing 'free trade' as a global panacea for unemployment, underdevelopment, despotism and virtually every other economic or political ill. Through its manipulation of the rules of global trade, the US sought to maintain and increase its access to natural resources worldwide. Those rules - written primarily by US-based corporations and encoded in the policies of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO) as well as in treaties like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) - essentially said that wherever resources lie, they must be available for sale to the highest bidder. In other words, whoever has the money to buy those resources has a legally defensible right to them. According to these rules, the oil of Venezuela belongs to the US every bit as much as if it lay under the soil of Texas or Missouri. Meanwhile technology, or 'intellectual property', was regarded as proprietary; thus nations with prior investments in this strategy were at an advantage while 'underdeveloped' nations were systematically discouraged from adopting it.
In the early 21st century, growing opposition to globalization - peaceful and otherwise - began to emerge in mass public demonstrations as well as in terrorist attacks. Most Americans, however, informed only by commercial media outlets owned by corporations with energy resource interests, remained utterly in the dark as to what globalization was really about and why anyone would object to it'

From The Party's Over : Oil, War And The Fate Of Industrial Societies by Richard Heinberg

Image is Dusk on the Promenade des Anglais, Nice by Peterinlille, found on Flickr

5 minutes from my flat in Valencia

5 minutes walk from where I live now, this is an interesting take on a small part of the extravagantly-designed 'La Ciudad De Les Artes Y Ciencias', found on Ojodigital.

And this is 5 minutes from where I used to live in Alboraya (Alboraia in Valenciano), a village just bordering the City and the home of horchata (a soft drink, resembling a milkshake, unknown outside of Spain). Found on Flickr.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Layton & Johnstone

Further to my earlier post requesting a recording of Layton And Johnstone’s recording of ‘Oh Donna Clara!’ here

I ordered a recent compilation of their songs entitled ‘Bye Bye Blackbird’ from Ray’s Jazz in London which I’ve now burned and uploaded for you.

It includes ‘Oh Donna Clara!’ and 26 other charmingly dated tunes. Some of it, like ‘ODC’, ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Auf Weiderseh'n, My Dear’ still resonate as ballads – I’m not messing about, you know…

These are the tracks, 27 in total.

Auf Weiderseh'n, My Dear
Black Bottom
Blue Moon
By A Waterfall
Bye-Bye, Blackbird
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Hiawatha's Lullaby
I Can't Give You Anything But Love
I Don't Know Why-I Just Do
I Found A Million Dollar Baby
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
If I Had A Talking Picture Of You
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
Little White Lies
Louisiana Hayride
Oh, Donna Clara!
Silver Hair And Heart Of Gold
Singin' In The Rain
So Blue
Sometimes I'm Happy
Sunny Days
Time On My Hands
Under A Blanket Of Blue
The Wedding Of The Painted

The downloads from File Front have been disappointing so I’m giving Divshare another try tonight.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Chicago DJs actually from Chicago, blending the styles to great effect.

I can't remember where I got it from, but I've been rinsing the 'New York State Of Mind Mix' by deep house DJ, Matt Whyman (which I intend to upload). You can stream more of his mixes at his myspace.

Soaked with that psych-rock-pop sound, PB Conspiracy at My Generation

And, more challengingly, Nico and John Cale team up for a difficult but truly great album in 1968, The Marble Index

Thurston Moore's Root project here

Some rare Moodymann eps here

And the Tortoise debut

Swami's one of the best there is. No diggidy. Mind-exploding, amazing Polish fusion from 74 and Eastern-tinged British jazz from 69.

Head Music

Great mix of psych-folk from my main man Ben M - hopefully the first of many guest mixes from him. This man is showing some seriously deep knowledge here and its a seamless listen too. It comes in at just over 80 mins so you can delete your least favourite track and burn this mutha 4 keeps!

01 Wooden Ships - Christine Harwood
02 Wheeling And Dealing - Daddy Longlegs
03 Forest And The Shore - Keith Christmas
04 The Bells Of Dunwich - Stone Angel
05 Graveyard - Forest
06 Rosemary Hill - Fresh Maggots
07 Pastures Of Plenty - Odetta
08 Along Came Sam - Spleen
09 Sheep Season - Mellow Candle
10 Sandoz In the Rain - Amon Düül II
11 Feel The Spirit - Heaven & Earth
12 Easy To Be Hard - Three Dog Night
13 Sulla Neve Con Te - Carmen Andaloro
14 Då Klagar Mina Grannar - Charlie & Esdor
15 The Herald - Comus

A note on the host - if you haven't used File Front before, you will have to register and all that crap, but it will be worth it - if you like the music on my blog - as I'll be uploading plenty of music here til I find a better host.

Image is Andy Goldsworthy, 'Icicles And Wall, Scaur Glen, Dumfreisshire'

Saturday, September 01, 2007