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Sigmar Polke ii

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put off denied
projected with fear and dogma

the coversation
the interrogation the the

pyramind selling
guilt white bear coke

king of the castle crew skaters lesbians siciy
elephant wisdom
peace happiness
the 1% slowly begin to panic
as we listen to their castles
softly fade from view

edgy anger
a date with sicily
listeners and youth
drug time
fun time
nice time
nodding head in time
to rhyme
and ashes
find us
whisper careful peace

Oracy - Another Family Day


The Lenson home on a small rise overlooking the gray waters of St. Louis bay. The exterior was an example of elegant rusticity; the interior was a place where Rüdiger Schildknapp who himself is a composer of horrid beards, says things that Mary hates like' Get to the highest point of the island and then you'll see'.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

in internet conversation with a pyramid seller

Sartre talked about 'free commitments' (which may sound oxymoronic) - it is a choice made at some point in your life to an ideology or set of ideologies which then becomes a fixed way of being / acting / speaking. Sartre himself made a free commitment to Communism, understandable given the context of Fascism at the time tho it blinded him to Communism's shortcomings.. i think i see a common thread in individuals i encounter beginning from square two (ideologies) rather than square one (freedom). however, i also concede that in general we have evolved enough to know and remember what the 'poisonous berries' are. yakshimash!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

constantine manos

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