Friday, November 26, 2010

Tickle - Good Love, Bad Love

Wicked Italo track

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recs Avery

I'm about to start downloading again so here are some of my first stops...

Orgy In Rhythm

El Reza

Private Press

Music Ruined My Life



Big O


Dusty Shelf

My Generation

Burnt Brown Sounds / Los Blops

Back when I started blogging I regularly stopped off at the lovely mp3 blog Burnt Brown Sounds run by Karl from the equally lovely Speck Mountain. Burnt Brown Sounds is now the name of a independent record label with Karl's band on the roster but the blog, alas, is no more.

I haven't downloaded music for a while but most of what I have is stashed on blank DVDs. However I somehow managed to delete the folder of handpicked gems from BBS though I do remember one especially fine track (Valle De Los Espejos) from 70s Argentinian psych-folk group Los Blops which I lately found on Youtube to my surprise and offer here for your mellow enjoyment.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Whistler - You And Me

You know those obscure songs which go around your head for years? They stick - especially if you note the name down and record them (on cassette as I did back then).

Well, chills are coming over me and I'm moping in an nostalgic way so I remembered a tune by a group called Whistler (link to their underwhelming Wikipedia entry) called You And Me.

Anyway found this thing through LastFM called WE7 and here I hope, you will be able to listen to this song (though it's a bit different to the Peel Session I originally heard / recorded)

Shame this band didn't make it - they had this mournful / youthful folk thing down, musically proficient too.

Joint on a bridge over the Thames in Winter aged 21 vibe.