Friday, May 22, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Normandy by Roger Klaassen

From this flickr

Subway - Hal (Bonus Track)

Brice Marden

Soichi Terada - Purple Haze

Jerzy Kawalerowicz – Matka Joanna od aniolów AKA Mother Joan of the Angels (1961)

Some images from this moody, weird psychological masterpiece I caught at the BFI recently..

Tal R

Great art from Tal R whose illustrations are featured in the sumptuously packaged Flametti by Hugo Ball published by Wakefield Press..

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Pretty funny post from imdb

i own my own plumbing company when i herd paul walker called the actor had called and needed some work at his house. so i arrive at his door ring the bell and he opens it says what up man all the time trying to hold in laughter , i say how are you , what seems to be the problem. he says this way and already i can see about an inch of water all over the floor. he seemed to just casually walk through it like nothing. he goes there it is while laughing the entire time. i have been in the industry for almost 30 years and have worked in some of the worst areas of california and let me tell you this bathroom looked like a sold old stadium had only one bathroom available. i said what happened here, he stared at me blanky and confused and said in a angry and aggressive manner "you got a problem with that", and got up to my face so close that our noses almost touched. he attempted to back me down into a corner but i had said i needed to call my guys and order a completely new Drain-waste-vent system, and he starts mocking me saying things like "those are big words for a small man" and he starts spalashhing me with the sewage water that is all over the floor. ive delt with some hollywood types in my career such as the likes of george clooney and m night shyamalan and they had been nothing but generous. am not sure if this guy was on something or he was practicing for a role but there really is no need to treat another person like that who is trying to help you. he then asked me to see his car collection and if i knew he was the star of the biggest movies of all time and he can "take me any day in any one of his luxury cars which i could never afford". i got the job done with the help of about 5 guys all the time he just sat there listening to that song gasolina on repeat for about 6 hours staring at the wall , when we were done he just pointed to the counter top where he left the money and we left. am not sure whats this mans mental state was but these actors in lala land sure have some serous entitlement and emotional issues they need sorted out.