Saturday, November 24, 2007

Link rays

Life has failed to meet my high expectations once again so I've decided to lay down and hit you with some linkin'

Those who wanted me to reup my Moodymann rareties will be heartened by tracks on offer at Boards Of Electronica. I've also been digging their I:Cube uploads lately. Sadly my own Moodymann compilation no longer exists, except distributed all over my DVDs-of-mp3s archives which would take hours to recompile. Sorry, I should've saved a copy in my hard drive. I'll sort another one out in the future. Same goes for the Radiohead remixes - but those will be a bit easier to regather.

Sad but unsurprised to see Swami's given up the ghost but A Great Work Of Fiction will at least fill the void left by Church Number 9 particularly with its recent posting of all ten of Thurston Moore's recommended underground jazz albums.

Another promising new blog is Boogie No More, including all ten of Irma Records's lushly packaged and superhip Easy Tempo compilations. Volume 5 was one of the first vinyls I bought and features Stephano Torossi's Running Fast - which is one of those tracks that is quite simply perfection.

Long may New Mixes continue. As well as providing Gilles-a-plenty including this awesome Brownswood show and a Moodymann interview they've also got John Digweed's Transitions from London's Kiss FM including recent sessions from Gui Boratto, Terry Francis and Chris Fortier.

Also worth registering at Resident Advisor just to grab this indecently good mix by Tyger Dhula of Cobblestone Jazz. You can't sleep on these mixes, by the way.

And one of my links I don't see around so much is OLO Radio which right now has this tasty mix by Lacuna (no, me neither - as is the case with most of the selectors here).

Once again, in a nerdy way, I have to big up my link list. Its a highly diverse but highly select group!

Image by Tatiana Sardá though the latest pictures are protected by some kind of technical devillery. Gorgeous, artistic, weird... I'm in love... again.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jay Electronica - Voodoo Man

Fan video of a great rap - check it!

Sunday, November 04, 2007



01 Jaleo - Truby Trio / Cuica
02 Spring Theme - Norken
03 The Deep - Global Communication / 40 Oz
04 Minimus - Paztek / I:Cube
05 Harps - Bushwacka
06 The Leopard - Minilogue / Extrawelt
07 Inca - Indio / Josh Wink
08 Night Images - Larry Heard / Swayzak
09 Me And My People's Eyes - Moodymann
10 In Ten City - Soul Central

The photos are taken from Negtive at Flickr.

Dave Mothersole Faith Mix

You Gotta Have Faith

In my ongoing campaign to get Dave Mothersole to upload mixes, I started a facebook group to that end. One of our 11 members, Rina Meta recently posted this link and comment from Dave himself.

Thanks Rina, and thanks Dave!

" i tried posting a comment and link on
that wooden elephant site but i couldn't suss out how to do it -
fucking computers do my nut in sometimes.

anyway, if you get a minute could you put this link on there? it's for
the 'faith' cd i did about 4 years ago.



Thursday, November 01, 2007

Art Blakey Paris May 13th 1961

A while ago I searched through the bewildering array of online Blakey discographies and found a note of this recording, but can't find it now. Its definitely a rarity, then, and I remember reading before that the second disc here got a particularly limited release. Both discs are included on this download, ripped at 256, which I discovered on EMule over a year ago. I erroneously labelled it 1960 but the original ripper tagged the tracks with the relevant information anyway.
As with all Blakey and Messengers recordings from around this time it has incredible exuberance and dynamism, a virtuoso unit at the peak of their talents, playing at a time when jazz was vital and exciting music.


1. The Summit
2. Yama
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Dat Dere
5. Lost And Found


1. Round Midnight
2. Kozos Waltz
3. Unidentified
4. A Night In Tunisia
5. The Theme