Thursday, November 01, 2007

Art Blakey Paris May 13th 1961

A while ago I searched through the bewildering array of online Blakey discographies and found a note of this recording, but can't find it now. Its definitely a rarity, then, and I remember reading before that the second disc here got a particularly limited release. Both discs are included on this download, ripped at 256, which I discovered on EMule over a year ago. I erroneously labelled it 1960 but the original ripper tagged the tracks with the relevant information anyway.
As with all Blakey and Messengers recordings from around this time it has incredible exuberance and dynamism, a virtuoso unit at the peak of their talents, playing at a time when jazz was vital and exciting music.


1. The Summit
2. Yama
3. Close Your Eyes
4. Dat Dere
5. Lost And Found


1. Round Midnight
2. Kozos Waltz
3. Unidentified
4. A Night In Tunisia
5. The Theme


Anonymous said...

GREAT date! Thanks so much for sharing this. As an added update, there are other tunes performed from this date, namely 'So Tired' and 'My Funny Valentine' included on another cd titled
'Art BLakey & The Jazz Messengers - Paris Jazz Concert, Vol.1. 13 May 1961 Recorded by Europa 1' and also a separate cd of the same title, 'Vol.2'. If you compare track listings from your upload and the ones I refer to, you will see my point. I can't upload (don't know how). So, if you could upload another date from '61, 'A Jazz Hour with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers':Blues March, on the Jazz Hour/Movieplay label, and include the missing tunes from this date, or re-upload the entirety of tracks from the date that would be excellent.would round out the '61 ledger for the Messengers handsomely, and comprehensively. Thumbs UP!!!! Let me know at my THANKS!!!!!!RG

wooodenelephant said...

I'm not uploading at the moment but will be again soon. Stay in touch!