Monday, June 18, 2007

Woooden's June Mix

So here’s a little bundle of tunes I’ve been feeling recently. A lot of styles covered here, hope you enjoy. The Papa Washington Trio track should be played as loud as possible by the way.

1. Sunday Morning - Margo Guryan
2. Just A Little Loving - Paige Claire
3, Choro 1 - Bola Sete
4. Eighteen Is Over the Hill - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
5. When You Touch Me - Taana Gardner / Larry Levan
6. James Bonde - Bonde Do Role
7. Tell You Now - Le Tigre
8. Calling All Dancers - Papa Washington Trio
9. No Letting Go - Wayne Wonder
10. Que Se Sepa - Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound
11. Allegre - Trüby Trio
12. Saona - Nino Morales Quintet
13. Get There Tonight - Recloose
14. Fantasy - Ten City
15. Beauty In The Dark - Mos Def feat. The Isley Brothers
16. Time After Time (Montreux 1989) - Miles Davis

Image is of Marken in Holland and is from - a nice Spanish photo blog which is now inactive.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gilles & Dave

Well it looks like I’ll be getting banned from The Mixing Bowl soon because none of things I download are uploaded (I even specifically downloaded something very popular but it didn’t work). This is probably because of some technical shit I don’t understand – exacerbated I suppose by the fact my Internet connection is illegal and therefore erratic and weak.
Mixdelux, the BBC Essential Mixes blog and the Mixes DB forum render The Mixing Bowl almost obsolete were it not for the fact I’d like to get more GP shows (Mixdelux usually provides one or two a month but these are usually ‘specials’ and musically the most arid). I’d record them myself off the BBC or Giant Step if I could work out how to do it using my (illegal) copy of Sony Acid Pro or maybe even the Creative Media Source thing. I completely do not have the patience to work out how to do it.
And let me take this opportunity to mention how much I resent the attitude of Internet nerds who assume we should all be as proficient at this shit as them. I’m obsessed with music not computers. Different side of the brain. Cunts.
Anyway I’m uploading a couple of things that I got from the Mixing Bowl as no doubt I’ll be kicked out of there soon.
First of all some Gilles. One of the first shows he did after they moved him to the graveyard slot recently. The special mix at the end has a New York theme. Noo Yoik!!

And here’s the Golden ticket, Dave Mothersole’s last show for Kiss FM London. Regular readers will know I often sing Dave’s praises and here’s your chance to find out why. It’s a great introduction to his style and deep house / tech house in general as he’s playing many of his favourites – big name bootlegs, seminal classics… Fans of his Late Night Sessions became used to something much denser but this is a great send-off. Even in the abundance of music I exist in, this show has been on the rewind three or four times.

The image is from Dead Man’s Shoes which really is as excellent as everyone says. Quite relevant to the Dave session as many of its (hilarious) characters are relics from the Rave Generation.

Download Round-Up

‘Excitement in my life is dinner without heartburn after it’ – Woody Allen in Scoop

I’m a big fan of Soderbergh and Clooney (though it sounds weird to admit to the latter). Clooney, Pitt, Damon and Ellen Barkin have done an interview for Time (linked to from Imdb) about the latest in the weightless Ocean’s heist movies and is actually fucking funny.,8599,1626512,00.html

My downloading activity in recent days has been centred around the discovery of the Mixes DB forum

Particularly this thread

The existence of which I was alerted to by Beane the Noodler at Brownswood. Some highly recommended bits are this session by Fila Brasilia from 2001

This classic 1993 show from Andrew Weatherall

And a mindblowing set from the Mann Moody… I actually already had this one and was planning to upload it myself. Very strong, and as weirdly soulful and unique as his LPs. Check.

Obviously I’m just starting to get inside this one and there are dozens more great sessions here… (and no fucking Rapidshare, thank fuck)

In other news, Um Que Tenha has live Baden Powell from 1996

Musicology has Ravi Shankar at Woodstock in 1969 (May 24th post)

Loronix has gone a bit international with some bossa jazz from Germany and Italy amongst others (the latter featuring Ennio Morricone – which I know will get some of you very excited)

Part Of The Queue has some early sessions by The Police. (I’m not trying to be ''fashionable'' by the way – I like them)

Pathway’s got the Dirty Dozen Brass Band live.

And Nothing Is has Miles from 75. Right. On. (May posts)

There’s plenty more around if you get your searching hat on. Its great. I never leave the house now except to go to work. My girlfriend left me, I’ve lost touch with most of my friends and when I do go out I can’t really be bothered to make conversation cos I’m thinking about getting back here on the DL. Fantastic!!

The image is from Ocean’s Twelve.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Woooden's Brasilian Bombs

Hotting up here in Valencia town. Time to make available my compilation of brasilian bombs which has been gestating for awhile. Only Singers Three come from somewhere else (Japan). No Astrud, no Mas Que Nada, no Sergio Mendes… so plenty of material for Volume 2! If you’re downloading in the Uk or somewhere else chilly save this one for the next heatwave!

Here’s the mammoth TL… As with all my mixes, it comes in under 80 mins so you can burn it as a cd for you and all your friends!!

1. Malandragem – Drumagick
2. Carolina Carol Bela - Jorge Ben Jor e Toquinho
3. Canto De Ossanha - Baden Powell
4. Samba Da Legalidade - Nara Leão
5. Frases – Jorge Ben
6. Take It Easy My Brother Charles – Som Tres
7. Nem Vem Que Nao Tem – Wilson Simonal
8. Contrapuntando – José Menezes e Dino
9. Upa Neguinho – Singers Three
10. Relance – Gal Costa
11. A Família Black – Banda União Black
12. Mangueira – Seu Jorge
13. O Telefone Tocou Novamente – Som Tres
14. Sarava – Baden Powell
15. Carcará - Nara Leão
16. De Frente Pro Crime – MPB-4
17. Tu Areg – Gal Costa
18. Tudo Que Você Podia Ser - Quarteto Em Cy
19. Casa Forte – Elis Regina
20. Feminina - Joyce
21. Canto De Ossanha – Quarteto Em Cy
22. Mar E Sol – Gal Costa
23. Universo Ao Meu Redor – Marisa Monte
24. Tenha Fe Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nacer – Os Originais Do Samba

The image is Aeroplano by Andrea Canto. I did a quick search for Brassilian artists – and I have a soft spot for collage…

Enjoy the mix!!!