Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gilles & Dave

Well it looks like I’ll be getting banned from The Mixing Bowl soon because none of things I download are uploaded (I even specifically downloaded something very popular but it didn’t work). This is probably because of some technical shit I don’t understand – exacerbated I suppose by the fact my Internet connection is illegal and therefore erratic and weak.
Mixdelux, the BBC Essential Mixes blog and the Mixes DB forum render The Mixing Bowl almost obsolete were it not for the fact I’d like to get more GP shows (Mixdelux usually provides one or two a month but these are usually ‘specials’ and musically the most arid). I’d record them myself off the BBC or Giant Step if I could work out how to do it using my (illegal) copy of Sony Acid Pro or maybe even the Creative Media Source thing. I completely do not have the patience to work out how to do it.
And let me take this opportunity to mention how much I resent the attitude of Internet nerds who assume we should all be as proficient at this shit as them. I’m obsessed with music not computers. Different side of the brain. Cunts.
Anyway I’m uploading a couple of things that I got from the Mixing Bowl as no doubt I’ll be kicked out of there soon.
First of all some Gilles. One of the first shows he did after they moved him to the graveyard slot recently. The special mix at the end has a New York theme. Noo Yoik!!

And here’s the Golden ticket, Dave Mothersole’s last show for Kiss FM London. Regular readers will know I often sing Dave’s praises and here’s your chance to find out why. It’s a great introduction to his style and deep house / tech house in general as he’s playing many of his favourites – big name bootlegs, seminal classics… Fans of his Late Night Sessions became used to something much denser but this is a great send-off. Even in the abundance of music I exist in, this show has been on the rewind three or four times.

The image is from Dead Man’s Shoes which really is as excellent as everyone says. Quite relevant to the Dave session as many of its (hilarious) characters are relics from the Rave Generation.

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bentrup said...

im having trouble with the gilles download...any suggestions?