Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Some favourites 2b - Rub N Tug / Dr Dunks

2b. Rub N Tug / Dr Dunks

The second is the prolific Eric Duncan, lately Doctor Dunks and half of Rub N Tug who has been quietly producing an array of dubby, funky and generally excellent tracks and mixes for ages.

I'm gonna post a link to his mix for WPS1 but I'm not sure if it works. I downloaded the mix a while ago and there's a track from it I love which I've played out a few times. Big fat bassy thing with a vocal simple from Indeep's 'Record Keeps Spinning'...


A few selections here but pick of the bunch is the 'Too Much Love' remix. I didn't like this one at first but now I 'get' it...

Some favourites 2a - Prince Language

2a. Prince Language

Joint second place goes to two NY DJs / producers, both associated with DFA, LCD Soundsystem etc but haven't reached the same heights of fame. Check out PL's mix for Fabric with an amazing mix of disco classic She Can't Love You by Chemise from, say, about 25:30 to about 32:25. I've played this one out a bunch of times. It's what PL is all about - a mix of early hip hop fresh cool, disco funkiness, some feelgood soul and house and a splash of trippy dubbiness thrown in. And his remix of Azari and III turns a very good tune into a freakin great one.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Some favourites 1 - Hot Chip

I was gonna make a best tracks of 2012 compilation but gave up so instead I'm gonna talk about some of my favourite artists right now...

1. Hot Chip

The most fun, creative and cool band on the planet right now. They both remix and get remixed very well and there's a bunch of cool side projects going on like The 2 Bears.