Sunday, September 02, 2007

Head Music

Great mix of psych-folk from my main man Ben M - hopefully the first of many guest mixes from him. This man is showing some seriously deep knowledge here and its a seamless listen too. It comes in at just over 80 mins so you can delete your least favourite track and burn this mutha 4 keeps!

01 Wooden Ships - Christine Harwood
02 Wheeling And Dealing - Daddy Longlegs
03 Forest And The Shore - Keith Christmas
04 The Bells Of Dunwich - Stone Angel
05 Graveyard - Forest
06 Rosemary Hill - Fresh Maggots
07 Pastures Of Plenty - Odetta
08 Along Came Sam - Spleen
09 Sheep Season - Mellow Candle
10 Sandoz In the Rain - Amon Düül II
11 Feel The Spirit - Heaven & Earth
12 Easy To Be Hard - Three Dog Night
13 Sulla Neve Con Te - Carmen Andaloro
14 Då Klagar Mina Grannar - Charlie & Esdor
15 The Herald - Comus

A note on the host - if you haven't used File Front before, you will have to register and all that crap, but it will be worth it - if you like the music on my blog - as I'll be uploading plenty of music here til I find a better host.

Image is Andy Goldsworthy, 'Icicles And Wall, Scaur Glen, Dumfreisshire'

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