Monday, September 10, 2007

3 Chairs

3 Chairs 1

3 Chairs 2 & 4

3 Chairs 3 cd1

3 Chairs 3 cd 2 (including ‘bonus’ track All Over)

I use two file sharing programmes for downloading – Emule and Soulseek. I have got some unexpected nuggets from EMule at times but its Soulseek that (with patience) can yield the most impressive culls.

For instance, by constant reference to Discogs, I think I now have a complete discography of the 3 Chairs project which I’m sharing with you here.

3 Chairs are Kenny Dixon Jr. (aka Moodymann), Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite and Marcellus Pittman. Dixon Jr and Parrish’s ‘solo’ output is classifiable as underground dance music, but within that genre much of it is accessible and even ‘dancefloor-friendly’. So perhaps the 3Chairs project gives them a chance to challenge their listeners a little more than at least the music on their big releases (i.e. cd albums).

There’s some distorted bass on a couple of tracks which probably reflects the quality of the rips – but, with this stuff, nothing is certain! A lot of these rips are definitely good quality though, with some very high bitrates in these bundles.


tony said...

Hi there. Great blog and thank you for the 3 chairs uploads. For some reason I cant get cd 1 - i keep getting this message: "Cannot connect to the rep database because: Lost connection to MySQL server during query" Any chance of a reload?

lgk said...

i can not download party one and part one of the cd.
if you reupload it, i will send u a personal thank-u-letter to your home!
from germany!
for real!