Monday, September 10, 2007

5 minutes from my flat in Valencia

5 minutes walk from where I live now, this is an interesting take on a small part of the extravagantly-designed 'La Ciudad De Les Artes Y Ciencias', found on Ojodigital.

And this is 5 minutes from where I used to live in Alboraya (Alboraia in Valenciano), a village just bordering the City and the home of horchata (a soft drink, resembling a milkshake, unknown outside of Spain). Found on Flickr.


Likedeeler said...

Hola Sr. Woodenelephant, acabo de ver que tienes enlazado mi blog, gracias! En cuanto a la horchata, es que sí es conocida fuera de España. Yo la conocí en México.

Your blog looks good, btw. Got to take a closer look as soon as I got more time.

Muchos saludos a Valencia, ciudad en la que me gustaría vivir tb...


wooodenelephant said...

Hello Likedeeler.
Thanks for your comments.
I'd like to check out your blog but your name does not currently provide a link.
Perhaps you could just post the URL in the comments?