Sunday, October 15, 2006

Psychedelic virus

Hey. Been a downloading day today. My girlfriend's been sick, so I've been downloading everything from here

This guy's a buddy of Burnt Brown Sounds so everything I've been listening to today has been on the same wasted early 70s California tip which goes just right with a rare grey day here in Spain and my massive sideburns which I'm going to cut tonight, taking me back to Squaresville.
I've also been dipping into the links here to the new projects from the members of The Beta Band.

Its nice to know that exceptionally creative and innovative band have not so much dissolved as mulltiplied like some psychedelic virus. My favourite track of there's is undoubtedly Monolith and in general I prefer The Three EP's before Steve Mason's lead vocals became uniformly prominent in the mix. There's nothing as expensive-sounding as Monolith here, its all necessarily a bit more lo-fi, but on all three projects the old magic is present.
Image from someone called Sagues. Downloaded it a while back. Seems appropriate.


eagleinyourmind said...

hey man, if you're feeling the wasted california vibe...

wooodenelephant said...

thanks for droppin' by man!