Monday, October 09, 2006


I don't know how to get a Links column.
So I'm gonna do a Links post (cos I'm in the mood like Glen Miller)

First of all, I'm becoming a regular poster here and anyone who's stumbled onto the site after locating a name like Gilles or Blakey would do well drop in here too. Many of the guys here post their own mixes (being more technologically advanced than myself) I'm listening to an acheingly gorgeous Brasilian mix by Brownswood mainman Amblito as I type.

Brownswood forum

Of course Gilles is the hero of the heads and you can hear it streamed here (normally i don't bother with streams but, you know, its Gilles) . Great great Jazzanova mixtape and Gilles is finally getting on the deep / tech house tip, it seems...

Gilles show

On a rock / folk tip this mp3 blog, which I have mentioned before (and bigged up on Brownswood) is always stuffed full of goodness. The blogger is a member of a group called Speck Mountain. Awesome David Crosby track available here.

Burnt Brown Sounds

This, The Hype Machine, is a great resource. Its a search engine for mp3 blogs which I use mainly for tracking down Rub N Tug releases. I figure one day the suits'll close this down but like the day of peak fossil fuel usage a-comin', its better not to think about it, innit?

The Hype Machine

You can get yourself some fine mixes here from the likes of Ben Watt and half of Rub N Tug.

WPS1 DJ Sessions

John Peel's memory being kept alive here. You can download nuff shows by the most modest of musical visionaries. Its here I read about a new comp of Peel faves, charmingly called 'Right Time Wrong Speed' There's a tasty looking Links section here which I've not yet had time to delve into.

Quality but not quantity here from Heavy Usker, remixer of Cesar Mariano, cratedigger, new dad and top bloke

Seriously obsessive blogging-about-everything here. Links to many of my selections.

Diverse mp3 blog

If you're into underground house there's no shortage of free mixes about. A lot of them aren't too good though. Back in Blighty I could always depend on 'Graveyard' Dave Mothersole but I've not been able to locate a podcast or mix by him.
This link page is massive though and leads to interesting places.

Dependable podcasts here, quite web-renowned, I've noticed.

But this is perhaps the king of mp3 blogs webwide. Typically - old soul, classic hip hop, Americana ...

Similarly diverse and half-in-Spanish. Billions of links.

One of the Paris DJs crew (big podcasters). I ran into his site today.

The Paris DJs crew. I recommend the Mind Radio show #1 part 1 for starters.

Another mp3 blog I found today. Dylan tracks here (but I can't be bothered)

More deep house. Mostly amateurs. But I found one nice mix here.

A not overstocked blog which seems to be promoting rather than bootlegging, I reckon.

Reliable mixes here of almost-house music. Box fresh. No dust.

Neil Young bootlegs and other rockery here.

Looks like some good mixes here. Haven't checked it yet.

Download obscure 30's dance bands here. Must've linked to it from a Peel site. Different.

Hugely dependable site for podcasts of spiritual black rhythms past & present

Similarly, with jazz emphasis.

Finally, there should be plenty of bits here (for a limited time) from the newly deceased Output Records.

Wow! That took a long time!

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