Friday, July 21, 2006

Michel Thomas

Just been getting into the first few lessons of his Learn Spanish course on my delicious Creative Zen Micro, which I erroneously call an iPod (isn't it high time iPod became accepted slang for all mp3 players in the manner of sellotape, hoover etc?). Really beefing up my knowledge already, especially on grammar and pronunciation - I've been living in Valencia for a year and already have a lot of the vocabulary down. He must be pretty old though, it sounds like he's sucking a Werther`s Original the whole time.


Sky larks said...

It did belong to a MILF, actually. She's still looking for it. Wicked blog. More poetry.

wooodenelephant said...

well, you young whippersnapper! if its more poetry you want, better enter my long-running competition. the judges' decision is final.