Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Art brut

I went to an exhibition here in Valencia called 'El fuego bajo las cenizas' featuring pieces by Picasso and Basquiat. I wasn't much of a gallery visitor in London but I returned to this exhibition at the IVAM three times in August before it ended at the end of the month.
The IVAM also had a terrific photography exhibition (many styles represented) - including a 1960 collage by Antonio Saura, Richard Hamilton's My Marilyn and Wim Wenders' widescreen shot of the Road To Damascus (so good seeing this dawn(?) shot in a huge print.
But the 'El fuego' exhibition was the big draw and from it I discovered Jean Dubuffet, seen as the godfather of art brut / naive art / tribal art. I'm having trouble finding reproductions on the 'net of the Dubuffets exhibited in Valencia last year (such as 'Comments') but my liking for him has lead me to discover other exponents of art brut such as Darger, Wolfifi, Walla, Carlo, Guillame Pujolle (all institutionalised with the exception of recluse Darger - an innovative bio-film is out which I'd love to see). There's also Sanfourche whose jolly simplistic colourful smiling men recall what attracted me to the Dubuffets - and whose work I'd like to see a lot more of.
A link on all the mad art brutists is


Beverly Kaye Gallery said...

Sounds like it was an amazing exhibition. Basquiat is one of my favorite artists, and certainly artbrut is my favorite field.
My German artist, Alexandra Huber, has work that you might enjoy seeing
as her mixed media works bring to mind both Dubuffet and Basquiat.

wooodenelephant said...

hi. a few years late but anywayz... thankx