Thursday, December 21, 2006

Downloads of the week # 2

Found more zip blogs recently (as always).
There's a lot of good alternative rock here - My Bloody Valentine, Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo.

  • Musikalia

  • My pick of the bunch is Coney Island Baby by Lou Reed. I've only given it a quick listen but it sounds more on the Velvets tip than most Lou stuff. Think of the comedown stuff like Pale Blue Eyes rather than the pulsing thrashy stuff like Sister Ray. 3rd entry on this page...

  • Lou

  • And here's a blog from Russia (?) which covers many bases of black music. Pick up stone cold classics by Shuggie Otis and Fela Kuti as well as stuff from today's innovators such as Madlib.

  • Black Man Land

  • Amongst the mainstream stuff there's a few nuggets most notably The Roots' fairly obscure debut Organix. My favourite hip hop album is hands down Things Fall Apart which has all the slickness and drama of top level gangsta rap but with a black consciousness flow. Organix is jazzier, inevitably less well produced but a great listen. Its worth the download for the track The Session, a 12 minute jam featuring a pretty far out (for hip-hop) jazz-horns loop. Its the 11th entry down on this page.

  • Roots
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    Han said...

    I missed Organix but the site has good stuff on it now. Can't decide what to download. So I'll check it out later.

    In the mean, happy new year!