Friday, December 15, 2006

Downloads Of The Week # 1

New feature! I've been thinking about doing this for a while so I have a nice selection for you this week. I don't know why but I'm having no joy with the links in the posts so you will need to cut n paste, children.
First, a podcast of quality drum n bass here. Grimeheads wont be satisfied but it joins the dots between old school, soulful and broken beat very nicely.

Joe Henderson's Canyon Lady deserves another mention. The track Las Palmas is a favourite from the tapehead days. Driving Latin rhythms and discordant sax - but it really works!

When Herbert was good (don't know what's happened recently... Scale sounded like vaudeville show tunes) he put out a remix of Karin Krog. This is pretty much all I heard about her til I stumbled across her album Joy here. The first track Mr Joy has that early Cinematic Orchestra sound, with the twanging of the double bass dominant.

Loronix is posting a superhuman amount of Brasilian gems. The enormous selection is also by and large still downloadable. Here's two which stand out for me.

And get your laughing gear round this. Classic comedy vinyl from Derek And Clive. Michael 'Kramer' Richards take note - these guys are offensive but also funny, you Seinfeld-ruining loon! Go to the bottom of this page - PLO archives in months.

Thanks to all the sharity bloggers, mp3 bloggers and podcasters out there. There's tonnes of great stuff out there right now, including lots of stuff I've downloaded and haven't listened to yet!

The image is some graffitti in Brasil.

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