Friday, April 07, 2006

First blood

Here's what's come thru on Emule since I got it up n' runnin'.
Need to get onto Soulseek though for more obscurities...

The Sopranos Series 6 Episodes1 & 2
Broken Flowers

Santana & Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live In Chicago 1973
Chet Baker & Art Pepper - The Route
Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love
DJ Dangermouse - The GreyAlbum
Color Strip - Jimmy Edgar
Broken Flowers soundtrack
Yusef Lateef - The Blue Yusef Lateef

By the way, we don't have the right programs installed to play any of this shit yet... So it could all be LA gay boys entering each other (what we got when my girlfriend tried to download the Hung Up video last year... Hilarious.)
She's got more files through than me, though she's been searching for less.
Who'd have thought James Blunt and Green Day were easier to find than Paris Soul by Ben & The Platano Group (1971)? I mean, really, who?

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