Monday, July 02, 2007

Recommended Mixes

I've been easing up on the direct downloads recently as its way too time consuming. Respect to all the bloggers ripping the rare vinyl or whatever and getting it out there but its a lot easier to just stick on EMule and let the zips and tracks roll in. I've had it on for a couple of weeks, using recommendations from Brownswood and the usual names which always turn up something.
Also, in my regular visits to Brownswood I have stumbled across some really nice podcasts too good not to share.

So some great broadly techno mixes from Theo Parrish and a new name to me Mike Clark. Parrish appears on the 500th show of a show called soulsearching (500th! How does this stuff slip under the radar??) and Clark appears on a podcast / blog thing run by the producer Phil Asher. Asher's a prolific guy and some of his stuff doesn't hit the spot for me but some, like his 2002 Focus project for Versatile which I got on vinyl, does.

Also a deeply impressive dusty vinyl session with plenty of seriously right electronic vibes. Sadly the last show from these guys - Sonic Sunset - but they pledge to be back in podcast format (these are recordings of a Chicago radio show) which I hope I can track down.

^Mike Clark (download at the bottom of the page above the comments)

^SoulsearchingPodcast Theo Parrish (Click on Soulsearching 500)

^The last Sonic Sunset shows along with archives of great looking stuff stretching back a-ways.

I'll re-upload the Gilles New York show to a different server by special request this week.

Is anyone else having problems with Zupload (the server I most frequently use)? 1000 visitors and 2 comments in the last 2 months is pretty shit from the feedback POV. Regardless, I'll probably upload a couple of my own mixes in July (as bundles). I think I'm going to wait til Autumn to put out Autumn Rhythm from my tracklist-only days before I realised how easy it is to upload stuff, which was requested by someone at ParisDJs. Sorry for the tardiness!

A word on the Islamic extremist terrorist activities rocking the Uk : Cunts.

The image is by Saul Steinberg.

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