Sunday, July 08, 2007

Moodymann rarities

A collection of Moodymann rarities, link at the end of the post. Moodymann or Kenny Dixon Jr is the vinylhead / vintage black music fan’s techno artist. I have stuff of his scattered all over my EMule / Soulseek archives. I brought a lot of it together to have a bumper package for the bitchy uploaders on Soulseek who have so many rules and regs they make downloading completely unfun. Though I picked up some great stuff on Soulseek I also find its system of downloading albums track by track too stressful. That said, there are some great individual tracks on its database – a lot of vinyl rips by heavy collectors. Someone had about 50 Blaze remixes. Blaze are always great for the dancefloor – more historically informed black dance music.
My last session at the Black Note didn’t go so well, by the way. I’m a bit of a miserable cunt these days since things didn’t work out with my girlfriend and that was reflected in my set. Sets three and four (which I didn’t write about here) by contrast went extremely well. In fact, next weekend I will post a bundle of tunes which killed it on the dancefloor there.
But back to KDJ. The first two tracks are from his Three Chairs project with Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite and lately Marcellus Pittman. Three Chairs stuff is great but being underground and hush hush, a fucking pain in the arse to track down, though I think I have most of their stuff off Soulseek. These two are his contributions to the first self-titled EP in 97. Next up is the four tracks making up 96’s Soul Sounds EP. Some of these tracks later appeared in some form in the epic Forevernevermore – in my opinion his masterpiece and the CD is widely commercially available. The second track, Midnights is just one of those tracks that seems to evoke the feeling of urban skylines and underground clubs with small dancefloors and well dressed clubbers. The whole EP is exceptional, in fact. Next is side A and B of Long Hot Sexy Nights. The title track is awesome, heatwave techno, soaked with fresh vibraphone sounds and frequent collaborater Norma Jean Bell’s sultry vocals. Next is Don’t Be Misled, tracks 1 and 2 which seems to be a rehash of sounds from Forevernevermore and, according to Discogs, came out in the same year, 2000. Next is two tracks from the Small Black Church vinyl, confusingly re-released with different tracks. These are the same as the tracks from Soul Sounds (Yesterdays and Winter Breeze) though someone has labelled them as Untitled and I Feel Joy. Frankly I give up trying to control this mess. Just enjoy the music. I think the sound quality might be better on these rips so they’re staying in. Final two tracks are particularly tasty. Strictly underground remixes of Prince and Sade.

01 Outer Drive
02 Track 2 Track
03 Yesterdays
04 Midnights
05 Winter Breeze
06 January
07 Long Hot Sexy Nights
08 The Dancer
09 Don’t Be Misled! 1
10 Don’t Be Misled! 2
11 Untitled
12 I Feel Joy
13 All The Critics Love U In New York
14 By Your Side

I’m using a new host for this zip so let me know if there's any problems


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