Monday, July 23, 2007

Astor Piazzolla - Tango, El Exilio de Gardel (1985)

This is the first time I’ve uploaded anything I’ve actually bought!! It’s the soundtrack to a 1985 film by Astor Piazzolla which I picked up in the now non-existent jazz basement of Honest Jons in Ladbroke Grove which was always stacked with the most mouth watering hand picked jazz and world music imaginable.

I got it then because Piazzolla had been popularised in jazz dance circles by The Gotan Project’s La Revancha Del Tango – which was an incredibly fresh fusion of tango and dubby electronica - and its still an astonishing album, despite hearing it on airplanes etc. The last track on here is a version of Vuelvo Al Sur, which also closes La Revancha.

Its great that so many of my favourite bloggers are ripping at 320kbps now. Unfortunately I don’t have the facilities for this yet but I think the music still sounds great.

Here’s a very thorough personnel and composers list from Roman’s Tango List Library

And here’s a cut n paste from Imdb about the film – which sounds brilliant - I hope I get to see it one day!

‘In the sorrow of exile, a group of Argentinians in Paris seek solace and connection to their culture by staging a set of tangos. The film alternates between their vibrant rehearsals and their circumscribed lives in low-rent apartments, underemployed, fitfully communicating with families back home, trying to make do with what they hope are only temporary arrangements in a foreign land.’

This is Wooodenelephant's 101st post! Cheers!!!

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