Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting Deeper Vol 1

Before I waffle, the crucial download link (I noticed their servers were down last night but generally Divshare are great right now) and tracklist

1. Azymuth - Jazz Carnival
2. Kelley Polar - Here In The Night
3. Kleer - Tonight
4. Force Of Nature / Moonstarr - A Dark Nebula
5. Blaze ft Palmer Brown / Azzido Da Bass - Do You Remember House?
6. Donato Dozzy & Exercise One - United Elements
7. Rodamaal Feat Claudia Franco / Ame - Insomnia
8. Tracey Thorn / Martin Buttrich - Its All True
9. 2020soundsystem / Llorca - High
10. Rockers Hi Fi / Mandy - Push Push

I was planning to do my second Sunday afternoon session this week but the mix went in a different direction. I'll be back with more of that barbecue soundtrack stuff in a few weeks though.
But this one I've called Getting Deeper and it'll be the first in a series of mixes reflecting the housier and more electronic side of my tastes. We kick off with Azymuth's classic disco / jazz crossover Jazz Carnival, then we go into a bit of electro, progressive and emerge with some fresh tech house from 2007 (tracks 8 & 9).
There's some high quality rips in this set for those who cannibalise my lovingly crafted zips (you know who you are!!!)
For those who don't, I'd like to say thanks. I don't have the technical savvy to record a mix as a single mp3 so those of you who listen to the folder in the order I've numbered the tracks are getting the 'finished product'. This, as all my mixes are supposed to be, comes in under 80 minutes for convenient burning, should you so choose.
Though I've only been blogging for a while - and uploading mixes for still less - I've been a 'bedroom DJ' for over decade and its a genuine thrill for me to think there are a handful of random headz all over the world who could have the word 'Wooodenelephant' written in magic marker on a CDR beside some stereo or on some dashboard somewhere. So if you're feeling the mixes, drop a comment and let me know. I'd love some more feedback.
Getting Deeper Vol 2 will be along soon, plus some jazzier mixes too.

And these are still available!!! Was checking them out again this weekend and they still work pretty nicely for me! I hope you agree!!
Sunday Afternoon Session 1

Woooden's Brasilian Bombs
Image is Catherine Claude "Roça Willy ", 1999

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