Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dave Mothersole Mixes

1. This one goes from progressive house, through to acid and then some moody vocal late night house (includes a remix of Depeche Mode - huge Mothersole favourites - 'Precious' to give you an idea of what to expect) Dated 14.09.2005

2. This has a guest mix from Troy Pierce in the second half. Dave takes the first hour keeping it dark and deep with tracks like Alex Smoke's 'Lost In Sound' mixed into Carl Craig's 'Darkness' - a great mixer as well a a selector. Dated 26.10.2005.

3. This is only half a show and is marked 'progressivemix'. I reckon its converted from tape. It has that tape hiss quality to it. Love it. Marked 13.12.2003.

4. A session from Comicsclub, which Dave frequently mentioned on the show. I have a few club sessions by Dave which are good but maybe a bit relentlessly thumping for home listening. Its a great session though, dated 2003. Love the tune that comes in about 64 minutes here - ID anyone??

5. Now Dave's compilation Tech House Classics which starts with the fantastic track Deep City by Basic Bastard aka Orlando Voorn.

Here's the tracklisting, taken from Discogs
1 Basic Bastard Deep City 2 Floppy Sounds Ultrasong (Studio B aka François K mix)3 Housey Doingz Gobstopper 4 Presence Gettin' Lifted 5 Sterac Sitting On Clouds 6 Calisto Get House 7 E-Dancer World Of Deep (Carl Craig Remix)8 Inner City Ahnongay (Original Reese Mix) 9 Baruka Play It Loud 10 Hot Lizard The Theme 11 Animus Amor And On 12 O.H.M. Oceanic

6. Finally here's Dave's last show on Kiss, which I posted a while back. I hope the link still works. If not, let me know!

I contacted Dave through Myspace and he's got no problem with this. Why would he? He's all about underground house music. Here's his myspace page.

If you like his stuff, join me in pestering him to get a podcast started or to at least upload a couple of new mixes!!!

Image is Telephone Booth, 3 A.M., Rahway, New Jersey, 1974 by George Tice.


driton said...

Dave's an amazing Dj and a friend.

check his cosmic house show on ministry of sound radio
every tuesday night

rina said...

also check this site more often:
(download section)
It may contain old and new Mothersole mixes from the parties.
Spray club ?

It's a club in Kosovo, where Dave is a kind of international resident, he plays there 3-4 times a year.