Friday, July 20, 2007

Link pressure

Just sorted out my links section which I've been meaning to do for ages. There are two sections now - Music download and Non.

The 'Non' now features all the Internet giants I can think of (Imdb, Facebook, Wikipedia etc) as well as giants in my world (Brownswood, Discogs, Dusty Groove) and some fellow small fry - most of the latter are friends, both fleshly and virtual, though there are also some which are just nice to look at / read.

Surveying the now massive 'Music' section I'm feeling rather proud of myself for the musical eclecticism I'm naturally drawn to and which this blog gives me the opportunity to share. Here you will find house / techno / nuggets mixes for download, avante-garde jazz bootlegs, deleted albums and vinyl rips from electronic noise to exotica, cheekier and more commercial zips - of a generally GPish stripe, world music of many flavours, some rock & indie, all kinds of jazz music and various genres of black, experimental, rhythmic and exploratory music.

Its all laid out now alphabetically for easier reference (of course, I change the names of some things. I particularly like to shorten the longer names!!) Of course there's tonnes I've missed. Usually the Links section of any of these will lead to more interesting places.

Recently I've been doing less new downloading and more delving into what I've already downloaded, when pissing about on the Internet like now or exploring it when commuting by putting stuff onto my mp3 player (Though one of my earphones is fucked! Is it just me this happens to, because its happened with every single fucking pair of headphones / earphones I've
ever owned???!!!)

Anyway, I'll be uploading some more selections here in time featuring some of the tastier tracks (trying to credit the original bloggers when possible) from some of these sites, mixed up with my culls from sporadic visits to EMule and Soulseek - always trying to be careful not to evoke the ire of some copyright crusading square.

Now, the zip blogs are mixed up with the mixes blogs - and a handful of mp3 blogs - and I see no reason to distinguish. Click and explore! And I've come across a lot more mix blogs recently, almost all through the Brownswood forum which I highly recommend to all lovers of jazz and dance. I know there's a fair few which I've found and lost and need to find again. So this links blitz is also to help me oranise my mission for aural gold.

And there's an element of networking here of course. It may take me ages to actually put a proper mix out there (not just a zip) or even produce some tunes of my own but keeping my hand in here makes me feel I'm slowly going in the right direction.
I put the counter up a couple of months ago now and I have been proud to see I've received well over 1000 hits. But the feedback is sluggish in the extreme, folks! I hope this post and the last polemical one on the Spanish music scene and society will change that!

Image is New York State by Kenneth Josephson.

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