Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rub N Tug Remixes

Here’s a zip of all the Rub n Tug tunes I’ve downloaded over the past year or so since I first heard the Chicago remix which started my enthusiasm for them. There’ll be a few more remixes floating around and even an original track or two now but these are all the ones I’ve got (though there may be a couple I’ve forgotten about lurking among my mp3 DVDs (just burned number 27… Phew)). The DGG, Zero 7 and Sly Mongoose tracks are my favourites. So, nine tracks, here they are….

Louden Up !!!
An Open Letter To New York City BEASTIE BOYS
Crackhousewarmingparty DAVID GILMOUR GIRLS
Futures ZERO 7
Its For You OUT HUD
Snakes And Ladders SLY MONGOOSE

Image is ‘Young Love HC’ by Robert Delgadillo.


Anonymous said...

hello, i'm trying desperately to get hold of the rub n tug remix of "open letter to NYC".

do you still have the mp3?

it'd be great if you could pass it on. thanks a lot


p.s - i like your blog.

wooodenelephant said...

My blog, and my life, are in a state of transition at the moment. Send me an email directly at and i´ll help you out when i can.

Anonymous said...

try and get the rub n tug remix for minimal compact-"nil nil"(a song from the 80) on the tigersushi 12"-morpheus&joakim-"give us something" 12"(06) its one of the best rock remixes ever!!!

JAG said...

hi mate, any chance you can put the zip of rug n tug mixes back up? I'm desperately after the Sly Mongoose mix!! Thanks :)

Alan Farrell said...

Hi woodenelephant any chance you could help me also with a copy of the beastie boys please