Monday, May 14, 2007


In addition to the fresh new links I posted here’s some of the choicest music I’ve picked up on my rounds recently

First up. Brownswood serves up some 97 Kiss FM business from Kirk DeGiorgio. HURRY ON THESE!!!

And there’s a bit of Gilles in his prime at the end of this Kirk mix (itself worth the dl).

Touch Of Soul have got a very nice mellow house mix from Nick Holder. Lots of understated female vocals and lyrics about heartbreak.

Pathway To Unknown Worlds has some great Herbie & Jaco live stuff

I've been getting into these authentic Paris café accordion pieces from the 30s at the world music blog Babe(L)ogue

FM Shades has got some Ash Ra Tempel to grab. Second post down the page.

Some great Jamaican ballads from Freddie McGregor in the early 60s at the amazing Magic Of Juju blog. Third down on this page.

A mostly indie blog called Serenity Now has this great Weezer bootleg. Search for April 12 here.

And The Disco King at Brownswood has dug up this amazing site of mixes from BBC Radio 1. GP, MAW, Roni Size, Daft Punk. Tonnes

Images are some of the most amusing album covers I’ve seen in blogland in recent days.

Peace and peaches.

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