Monday, May 21, 2007

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place Remixes

I was checking around my archives for something which will raise my profile in the sharity communuity without angering 'The Man' (in his current guise of deleter) and I think I found the perfect candidate.
As I was discussing in the post before the post before last Radiohead are a widely acclaimed collective amongst various kinds of music enthusiasts. I've always liked their track Everything In Its Right Place from the Kid A set, but I like even more the bootleg which Dave Mothersole rinsed on his Late Night Sessions Show on London's Kiss in 2001 or 2002. This bootleg, known as the Head Of The House remix, was a white label but I think I read somewhere it was produced by Swayzak (apologies if I got that wrong).
So I've included that along with two other remixes of the same track, a Hybrid mix and a James Lavelle mix both of which are pretty good. Though it is widely commercially available, I have also thrown in the live performance from 'I Might Be Wrong'. The moment where the electric piano first comes in on this version always gives me a spine tingle.
As a bonus I've thrown in DJ Shadow's (there's another name which'll land me in the Guardian) remix of The Gloaming. Everyone and his neighbour's goldfish are sampling Bush's silly speeches right now but this is particularly strong.
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The image is from the 7857th great blog I found recently - Discos Ocultos. It is of Francoise Hardy and is completely unrelated.


Anonymous said...


could you repost the archive please? I'd great appreciate.


Mike said...

I don't suppose you could repost this? I've been after these remixes for a while.

Thank you. :)

Andy Myers said...

Thanks for this! :D

Refracture also did a really good Remix of this track

Worth checking out :)