Monday, December 22, 2014

in response to a discussion about the US religious right saying torture was justified

atheism seems to me to be inverse religion, thus similarly vulnerable to dogmatic behavior patterns..

i'm not comfortable with agnosticism nor liberal humanism per se. the media is profit driven on all sides of the spectrum. broadly speaking the left sells an internal monologue of outrage and guilt whilst the right sells an internal monologue of outrage, fear and hatred. i take solace in outspoken free thinking individuals such as (inevitably) russell brand, azaelia banks, chris rock, sarah silverman, iain sinclair etc etc. also i find certain intellectual or pseudointellectual movements retain their power through changing times such as neuroscience, quantum physics, postmodernism, media analysis, situationism, animism, mysticism, psychogeography, scholarly reinterpretations of 'spiritual' texts, abstract art, art brut, experimental media and music, avante garde etc etc. imo what was extreme left is now the middle ground for anybody sane. my beliefs do not really include moral instruction of any kind however tbh

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