Sunday, December 21, 2014

arificial intelligence by g taylor davis

Artificial Intelligence

This is about a poem you will never see.

In the first stanza a line between poem and you is severed.

The figure eight scrollwork is a body out of thin air.

Pathos injected through the needle of a resilient patient.

Which represents the poet’s computer that has crashed.

Replacement: an overturned semi on a two lane road.

A thin stretch of highway.

People in their blocked cars listen to programs.

This is about how programs wear thin.

A downward funnel that curls up into nautili.

There is white asphalt and shells.

Asphalt is the accumulated same few meters overlapping.

Two lanes in the beginning are now only countless shells.

This is about how language is an endangered highway.

Shells hiding their true nature.

We, ourselves, crashing.

The image of numbers storming our eyelids.

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