Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vids From Hipster Land

I'm living near Brick Lane at the mo so maybe it's something in the water supply round here but I'm getting more into 'fashionable' music again, even tho it makes me feel both 'past it' and 'never was'. All this shit is deep in the way Mogwai and Three EPs-era Beta Band were. Strong.

U R A Fever by The Kills - tasteful, sexy, innovative, beyond hip with a Velvets and Patti Smith NY lineage - love love love the lo fi video, dude even looks like Lou Reed.

This is beautiful, bit like early Verve. Damaged, sensitive, amazing. Pic is a spot on snapshot of the hipster lifestyle.

Gang Gang Dance are IT. All their stuff is totally amazing, full of innovation and wonderfulness. Feel like I did when I first heard The Three EPs (before I played it 1000 times a day and - ahem - 'rinsed' it).

The xx are beyond lo fi. Incredibly come down but with an edge of something celebratory too. The video is jaw-droppingly good and very moving too.

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