Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Front Pages'

For posterity or whatever here are all the pics I can remember having as my header or front page. Only 5 I can remember. Let me know out there if you can remember any more.

First one I can remember (back in 06) was a bit of the old art brut from Jean-Joseph Sanfourche called 'Pierre'. Looking for images of his art today, I was sad to read he died on 13 March 2010 at the age of 87. R.I.P. Jean! Here's a vid about his work I posted earlier.

Anyway. then we had the classic image of Fellini's La Dolce Vita for a while.

Edit: Then this shot of the delectable Mathilda May, looking hot in Chabrol's last (?) film A Girl Cut In Two

Then this huge impromptu-looking snap of my dream woman Charlotte Gainsbourg. Love this woman's style and charm. She is totally scrummy!!!

I recently saw Luca Guadagnino's incredible feast for the senses I Am Love starring the great Tilda Swinton and I picked up on Tilda's co-star, the still pristine Marisa Berenson (model and Barry Lyndon leading lady), and sought out this rather artistic snap of her back in her heyday. I found this again on a lovely blog of imagery called Only This Nothing More.

Currently I have this snap by up and coming photographer Venetia Dearden. This snap is simply called England. I find it an endlessly fascinating and poetic image. Hope you agree x

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