Friday, January 06, 2012

Antonio Giova

Really special, mellow, fresh, inspired mix from Antonio Giova of Natural Electronic System at MNML SSGS here.

Donato Dozzy - Moonlight [Mule Electronic]
Andy Stott - Passed me by [Modern Love]
Relapxych.0 - City Nightlights II [Ghost Sounds]
Neel - Snow in the tube [unreleased]
Midnightopera - Untitled [Workshop]
Madteo - Sheepdipping [Meakusma]
Stl - In my dreams (Intrusion dub) [Something]
Jouem - Drifting [Just Another Beat]
Mohlao - Luminescent [Field]
Kangding Ray - Leavaila Scheme [Raster Noton]
Mike Parker - B1 [Geophone]
Anders Ilar - Paragram []
Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis Dub [Aniara]
Ryo Murakami - Lunch of God (Stereociti rmx) [Pan]
Dj Snotburger - Snotann [Fxhe]
Emmanuel Top - Flux [Planete Rouge]
Slop Salon - mr J [Aspeak]
Nuel - B2 [Aquaplano]

Image from Things I Save.

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