Monday, April 16, 2007

Some fine downloads

Motherlode - James Brown.

Some of his best stuff on this '88 compilation of obscurities from the late 60s / early 70s heyday...

Song X - Pat Metheney & Ornette Coleman

Avante-garde jazz from '85. First track is especially challenging but there's quite a lot of variety over the 8 tracks.

Commercial Zone - Public Image Limited

Alternate version of the last album from PiL. My mate Darran really rates them and he knows the New Wave era intimately. Fresher than the copycats, as he likes to point out.

I often get into things some time after I download them. This great compilation of a Swiss jazz unit called the Boillat Thérace Quintet seems to still be available so don't hang around...

Also Joy by Karin Krog is still there, I think I recommended it here before. Mr Joy is up there with Carr & Rendell's Black Marigolds and Cinematic Orchestra's Diabolus as some of the most spine chillingest jazz recorded. A must check.

Impeccably tasteful Brasilian jazz from Quarteto Novo here at Orgy. I already snagged this one from another blog but don't let that stop you...

Theater Of Eternal Music - Day Of Niagara & Bootleg

The incredible FM Shades has dug out one of John Cale's other 60s projects here. 'Drone Underground' apparently. You wait for Venus In Furs or Hey Mr Rain to start but instead it just goes on... droning. Its good though, somehow. Organic and intimate.

Just Another Diamond Day - Vashti Bunyan

I think it was the lately inactive Burnt Brown Karl who turned me onto this lovely gentle folkster and here's the classic album. Wicker Man vibes - in a good way. Scroll to the second entry on this page.

Its all about Nara. Oodles. The 65 album here is gorgeous as fuck. A Shakira fuck. You know what I'm talking about. Don't act like you don't.

And Phaoroah's Dance is assassinating it ice cold. Check a rare Herbie trio date from 77, the classic Dee Dee Bridgewater album Afro Blue and a smokin' obscurity from Rene McLean.

Don Ellis / big band fans will be pleased to see this new blog. This Don Ellis Quintet recording from 61 with Ron Carter on bass is solido. Al Francis - a new name for me - smokin' on the vibes.

Meanwhile a certain large mammal of the felled tree variety has upped that mix for real now after some technical hitches. From Red Astaire to Bugge Wesseltoft in 17 crazy moves.

OK for now.

Image is something nice I found on Lambiek by Cristina Duran.

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