Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Found it!

Found Stone Flute at Penny Tray here...

Look in the top left hand corner for the password.

I found it by googling 'herbie mann stone flute blog' which brought me to this handy site...

This has links to billions more free downloads.
The first one I tried is ace (though another bloody rapidshare subscriber!!)
Rare Coltrane and Blakey and just tonnes of stuff here...


By the way, the set in the Black Note here in Valencia went well and I'm doing two more on the 18th & 24th. I'll keep going til they stop me! Come along after the castillo de fuego which ends Las Fallas on Sunday, Valencia crew! After you've had your fill of buñuelos and churros and you've seen your last mascleta (Hope Googlers in Valencia will find me now!!!!) Just in case... AMAZING IMAGES OF SHAKIRA NAKED!!!!! - are now in my mind's eye...

Here's a tracklisting as a flavour.

Sexy - Los Amigos Invisibles
Deeper Underground - Jamiroquai
One Note Brown - The New Mastersounds
Right On - Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers
No Caminho Do Bem - Tim Maia
Color - Erwin Lehn
Ze Brasileiro - Rappin' Hood
It's A Trip - Last Poets
Jazz Carnival - Azymuth
Running Fast - Stefano Torossi
I Am Your Mind - Roy Ayers / Pepe Bradock
Flying Machine - War
Light My Fire - Rhetta Hughes
Forty First Street Breakdown - Naomi Davis & the Knights of Forty First Street
Nobody Is Gonna Love You... - Norma Jean Bell
Expensive Shit - Fela Kuti / MAW
Jaleo - Truby Trio / Señor Coconut
Woo Hoo - The 5678's
GT - The New Mastersounds

I thought of wrapping this up as a zip but its a lot of hassle to be honest and I don't want to spend my life on the Internet, y'know. If I get a special request for anything I will probably post it (though it may take a while).
The next upload I'll be doing is of the (now) inappropriately-titled Autumn Rhythm. I also plan to make some jazz nuggets available a la Orgy & co. The first will probably be Art Pepper Live At Donte's, a great session which I just found out on CD Universe was released here in Spain. I also just found that my rip is only CD1 of a 2 CD set! Bah! The perils of the cheapskate music collector!

Image is (like you didn't know) The Jazz Band by Dubuffet

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