Thursday, March 01, 2007

Deep mix ready for download

I've been a busy boy tonight.

Massive shout to the man from Buenos Aires, FM Shades who published a list of file hosting services which you can read here...

I'm using Quicksharing to make available my Dave Mothersole tribute mix (more details and the tracklisting are to be found in the post before last, dated December 24th)

So get downloading, folks! 9 cuts of deep goodness for your ears. Feedback would be very much appreciated. Expect downloads of other compilations (I guess I can't legitimately call them mixes) very soon, such as Autumn Rhythm requested by the ParisDJs (GREAT podcasters) no less...

I'll also be making available some rare jazz and other stuff which I've gathered over the past year or so. So get ready!

...Also, after avoiding it for months I got cyber-bullied into signing up to the new version of Blogger, which really is a lot better. So expect more easy links in my posts, and more nice imagery (though the main problem has been constantly forgetting to use the Blogger toolbar)

Here´s some genius shit to read as your house candy comes in. Absolutely mental. Absolutely brilliant.

Image is of childhood favourite Wowser, or Cubitus as he is known in France.

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