Monday, May 13, 2013

Moonlight by Blaise Cendrars

Pitching and rolling pitching and rolling
The moon the moon draws circles in the water
In the sky the mast draws circles
Points to every star
A young girl from Argentina leaning over the rails
Dreams of Paris as she gazes at the lighthouse outlining the coast of France
Dreams of Paris which she hardly knows and already regrets
These lights revolving steady double colored flashing ones remind her of those she saw from the hotel window on the boulevards and hold for her the promise of a speedy return
She dreams she will soon be back in France and live in Paris
The noise of my typewriter prevents her from completing her dream
My beautiful typewriter which rings at the end of every line and is as fast as jazz
My beautiful typewriter which prevents me from dreaming port or starboard
And makes me follow an idea to the end
My idea

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