Friday, July 15, 2011


Standard Planets mix at Allez Allez (May 5th 2011)

connan mockasin - forever dolphin love
ersen - garip gonlum
serge gainsbourg - l'homme à tête de chou
broadcast - pendulum
standard planets - electromagnetic
thee more shallows - white mask
zu - obsidean
and you will know us by the trail of dead - a perfect teenhood
harmonia - watussi
deux - game and performance
stars of the lid - another ballad for heavy lids

Chill Turkish style at the slightly inactive Babe(b)logue

One of the best music blogs I've seen for a while is Ghost Capital posting genuinely obscure vinyl. Real world music, no tofu, no wheatgrass. Here is a Soundcloud sample of a great post of L’Orchestre Nationale de Mauritanie.

01 Kamlat by Nickel B

Some 'music brut' from the man called Dubuffet at the incredible Ubu Can't download it but worth a listen if you like random cacophony. I am playing it at the same time as some trendy Hoxtonite lo fi and it works an absolute treat.

Image is of his sculpture 'Group Of Four Trees' which is in New York.

And more commendably obscure randomness at The More You Think About It . This is described as 'an avant-garde drum suite'.

Nomad yeahmad.

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