Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Image And Word Stuff

Jahsonic's always worth a look. It informs us the work of Nathanael West is now in the public domain. I remember reading his books when I was digging alternative American literature a lot. It's ok stuff.

My lady’s eyes appear to be

Like brimming pools of ecstasy,

Deep wells, from which the twinkles flow

Unceasingly as on they go

To charm me with their witchery;

Mayhap an easy prey they see,

Enmeshed by their dexterity;

I can’t protest; they thrill me so—

My lady’s eyes.

Although they gaze alluringly,

Appealing with such potentcy,

Oft times in them I see a glow

Which warns me that I should go slow,

For then, you know, I really see

My lady lies!

—Rondeau by Nathanael West

I have subversively coupled this with another image which I found at I Love Graffiti. Sleep tight.

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