Monday, April 11, 2011

Gold Brut

Gold Code (dj set) As You Like It, 6-26-2010 by goldcode

A mix of mostly new music fresh from Frisco over on the wondrous Gold Code.

Here's the track list...

01.Gerd, “Friendly Fire” Royal Oak 2010
02. Findling, “Gotta Feeling” (Lihab edit), Hi Freaks 2010
03. Skudge, “Contamination” Skudge Rec. 2010
04. Parris MItchell, “Follow Me” Dance Mania, 1994
05. Gold Code, “Clown Session” unreleased
06. Caltrop, “Fleeting Moments” Nude Photo Music, 2010
07. Frozen Border, “Track 2″, Frozen Border 2009
08. Dinamoe vs. Rico Puestel, “D99″ (Tobi McWeird Remix), Cometomusic 2010
09. San Soda, “Jek Zonder Pad”, We Play House Recordings, 2009
10. Metropolis, “Metropolis” (Original Mix), Union City Recordings 1992
11. Tevo Howard, “Laboratory” Hour House is Your Rush Records, 2010
12. Goldwill, “Blush” wandering 2010
13. Kelvin K., “Simple Message”Greenhouse 2005
14. Scott Ferguson, “Keep On Lovin Me (Detroit vs Chicago mix), Ferrispark 2010
15. Virgo, “R U Hot Enough”, Traxx 1986

Art from Ben Moussa, Elaine Larus, Milka and Nikifor Krynica at the excellent 'art brut' website Artpulsion.

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