Monday, June 16, 2008

Rec-in' Ball

Fine mix on a downbeat folksy vibe from King Creosote at OLO Radio LA Foghorns. Strong Beta Band influence here I reckon, featuring four tracks from ex-member Lone Pidgeon (who is also apparently KC's brother I just found out on Wikipedia)

Sonic Sunset out of Chicago's mixes use sounds from all over the electronic music spectrum. Check their latest, Lighter Path which ends in half an hour of achingly perfect techno.

A great album of Kerouac readings at Pathway To Unknown Worlds, that's been throwing up all kinds of nice treats on the shuffle through my lovely new Sennheisers. Really realising that reading aloud adds another dimension to Kerouac's amazingly vibrant work. Some of the best readers include Michael Stipe, John Cale and Eric Andersen. Edit - this blog is now 'open to invited readers only'. If anyone reading knows how to get me invited to this blog please email me at This is the 5th or 6th time this has happened and I'm losing a lot of good links here!!!

And RA on the case with a fine, fresh mix from Italian progressive house artist Donato Dozzy.

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Matt MacQueen said...

hey thanks for the kind words about our radio show, really appreciate it! About to drop another in June, finally re-did the website and pushed it live today. cheers!