Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Low Trousered Taste Making

Its all a bit frustrating ahora mismo, dig, cos I got serious ganas to throw some musical NRG your ways - but I ain't got the means to upload tunes. BUT y'know what? I can still legally share a bit of music lovin' (though I'm ethically opposed to it).

DETOUR: I mentioned that I have no problem whatsoever downloading music illegally to this square I teach English to and he laughed in that pompous uproarious way that people do when they think there's something wrong with society and its only you and not them. 'Listen cunt,' I felt like saying, 'just because capitalism and highest bidder gets the private healthcare and natural resources is law doesn't make it moral, fool!' Gah!!! Blind fuck. Ah well, rant over.

Back to the plot... I'm a bit like Simon Cowell you know (only I wear my trousers at a sane height and never get laid) cos I can spot the talent - believe.

So the big news is you have to check out this band Summer Holiday (pictured). The tune on their Myarse right now is called You Can Have It All Slowly - it has the plaintive, anthemic quality of Keane but its stripped down and not crap. Happened to see them live at 93 Feet East in January and they play a blinding set. Uplifting, disco, New Wave style shenanigans. Original sound and tight musical unit. Plus they have the great gimmick of doing gigs on the roof of their car. Massive respect - seriously. They deserve to go far. Remember you heard about them here first.

Going back for time bre, I heard Lily Cushman's Love Song remixed by DJ Afro of Los Amigos Invisibles here. Deeeeeeep. Intimidatingly cool New York people what I'd never get to know in real life but then this is all fantasy anyway, right?

Usually I've got no time for indie bands but Bronze Age Fox are an exception - anyway they're not that indie as one of their number is electronica bod Minatour Shock. A little bit poppy you might say but there's an unmistakeable tang of quality to it.

And check out this animation by Michal Levy to the music of John Coltrane's Giant Steps. Next level.

I have to tidy up some of the fallen brethren and quitters from my links sometime. A few of them have become invitation-only blogs. Contact the blog administrator they say... How the Cribbins can I do that then?

Any ideas, lurkers???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anyway Dilated Choonz, Orgy, Paris DJs and Newmixes are still very much delivering for those of you still racking up the GBs.

Jah recognise. BLOA!


Likedeeler said...

nice rant, man!

i totally agree with your being puzzled by the private-blog thang. and thanks for your mentioning rapidshare alternatives in a comment at my blog. much appreciated. i'll give it a try.

i studied in spain, and i loved it. haven't been to valencia yet, but i'll sure gonna check it out soon. so, i hope you got rid of some frustration now, feel waay better and again enjoy the cool country you live in. best wishes!

wooodenelephant said...

thanks bro. yeah got rid of some. need to share some musical goodies though to really be chill. hope you can head over to see me pinchar next time you're in Valencia!

Likedeeler said...

black note. bien, cuando i'm there i'll sure quiero see you pinchar jeje. thanks por la invitation!

saludos from berlin, taluego

wooodenelephant said...

Berlin! !Que bien!

One day I'd like to live in Berlin too!