Monday, August 27, 2007

Alternative Rock Mix

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I made this mix for my friend Rachael who's into Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Violent Femmes etc so I've made an effort to try to impress her with my alt rock credentials.

Quite a few of the tracks are taken from the now sadly discontinued Burnt Brown Sounds mp3 blog. Its writer, Karl, is concentrating on his group Speck Mountain (who also feature on this mix) - but Karl if you're reading - come back, we miss you!!! If you dig this kind of stuff check out Unconscious Repeat, run by Karl's buddy Nate.


01 Blood Is Clean - Valet

02 Break The Empress Crown - Death Vessel

03 Walking On Nails - Gabor Szabo

04 Face On The Factory Floor - Kim Fowley Jr

05 Labyrinth - The Cure

06 Like A Virgin - Teenage Fanclub

07 Straight Out Of Compton - Nina Gordon

08 Corn Pan Bean Pan - Jackie O Motherfucker

09 Times - Ithaca

10 5 55 - Charlotte Gainsbourg

11 Suicide Is Painless - Johnny Mandel

12 So Sad - Vincent Gallo

13 Dying Song - John Frusciante

14 Downs Are Feminine Balloons - Mercury Rev

15 Hey Moon - Speck Mountain

16 All Cats Are Grey - The Cure

17 Red Rocks - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci

Image is 'Jessica' by Adrian Littel

Now a note on the file host. The trusty Divshare seems to have reached its limit though all the stuff I previously uploaded is still there. I've returned to File Front despite the fact they've deleted the three things I was storing there - and with no record of them ever being there. If you click on the download tag you will notice all the early posts of this type were with Zupload who have since deleted everything. If there's anything you'd like reupped send a request and I'll try to oblige. If anyone can recommend some new file hosts, let me know.

That's all. Girls, if you're single, put out more.
Give it up to the guys with the pigeon chests.
Think Steve Buscemi not Steve Baldwin.
And if you're not single, get single.

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Karl said...

Burnt Brown Sounds will come back in some form. But as you said I've been concentrating on Speck Mountain and haven't had the time to put into the blog. Have you checked out our cover of "Blood Is Clean". Its up on